Bic Pens, Pencils and Markers

Probably one of the best brands in the UK, Bic is known by just about everybody for being a cheap and simple, but reliable pen for everyday use.


Bic Pens

There is now a huge range of Bic pens and below are some of the more popular ones that we supply here at Octopus.

Bic Cristal Biros


The most popular Bic pens that we supply by a country mile is the Bic Cristal ball pen.  This is a classic clear barrelled ball pen and lots of pen manufacturers over the years have immitated the design.  We carry large stocks of the Cristal biro in black, blue, red and green, so you will bever be without a pen.

Bic Atlantis


The Bic Atlantis has been around for a few years now and has become a poular seller.  It is available in a stick pen or a retractable and both have a soft rubber grip to help prevent writing fatigue.

It has a 1mm tip and comes in black, blue and red ink.  Boxed in 12’s, they are one of the best value for money retractable pens around.

Bic Cristal Stylus PenBic Stylus Pen


Do you use a pen to write as well as a stylus to tap your phone screen?  If you do, then the Bic Stylus is ideal for you.  One end is a normal Bic pen, whilst the other end has a soft rubber pad that is designed to be used on touch screens of phones and tablets.

Bic ReAction Ball Pen

Bic’s ReAction ball pen is made from 74% recycled material and therefore better for the environment.  The retractable pen has a new unique spring system which helps to create a smother writing experience.  Boxed in dozens, the ReAction ball pen comes in black ink only.

Bic M10 Clic Pen


The Bic M10 Clic pen is a classic due to it’s unique design.  It is made as a one piece unit, so there are no loose parts.  This makes it ideal for the food or pharmaceutical industry where loose items are not permitted.  It has a medium point and has a writing line of 0.4mm, which is great for use in most situations.  The Bic M10 Clic pen is available with black or blue ink.

Bic Reception PenBic Reception Pen


Does your pen on reception keep disappearing?  Bic pens produce a reception pen using the 4 colour pen barrel, except with with 4 blue refils, so it will last a while whilst looking great!  The weighted base will keep the pen upright, whilst the chain will prevent the pen from accidentally being taken away.

Bic 4 Colour Pens


If you need to white with several differnt colours all the time, then the Bic 4 colour pen is the pen for you.  There are many colour options, but the main one is the stanard black, blue, red and green.  This has been around for may years and is popular with teachers and accountants.

The 4 colour Bic pen is also now available in some funky new designs, such as the Professional and the Shine options.  There is also a grip version with a rubberised barrel for easier writing and a fun version that has pink, purple, turquiose and green ink.

Bic Gel Pen

So you want a traditional Bic pen, but with gel ink?  Thats no problem, the Bic Cristal Gel pen has all the charateristics of the regular Bic Cristal, except it uses gel ink.  It is only available from Octopus in black ink.

Bic Marker Pens


As well as Bic pens and pencils etc, Bic also make a good selection of marker pens too.  The marker you need will depend on what you are writing on.

Bic Permanent Markers

There is only a couple of permanent markers in the Bic pens range.  The Marking 2000 is a broad marker that is available in a bullet or chisel tip.  We only supply them in black unless you take the assorted pack, which also contains blue, green and red.

Bic Marking Colour

The Bic Marking colour range is great for being a bit more creative with your marking.  They are only available in a multipack that contains black, turquoise, light blue, dark blue, purple, brown, orange, red, pink, yellow and green.

Bic Velleda Dry-Wipe ParkersBic Veleda Markers

Bic make a large range of Velleda dry markers.  They come in a selection of tip thicknesses from a fine point with a 1.4mm line to a broad chisel tip that can draw a line 5.5mm in thickness.

Bic Highlighters


If you are in search for highlighters, there should be something for you in the Bic range.

There is the Brite liner Grip that is available in the 4 standard colours, plus an assorted pack of 5.  Bic produce a range of standard highlighters that have different nib sizes, from the brush tip which has a soft flexible tip.  This gives a variable thickness depending on the pressure applied.  The broad point XL highlighter can give a wide 5.5mm line making it suitable for highlighting larger areas of text.  XL highlighters come in the popular 3 colours being pink, yellow and green.

Bic Pencils


BicMatic Pencils

If you use a propelling pencil at work, there are 3 Bic pencils to choose from.  The Classic Bic Matic is a simple clear barrelled pencil with 3 0.7mm HB leads.  It has a push button lead advancer and an integral eraser.  The clip of the pencil comes in several bright assorted colours.

The Bic Matic grip is essentially the same pencil, except it has a rubber grip to alleviate writing fatigue.  It also has the coloured clips and eraser included.

Bic have also produced a strong version of the Bic Matic pencil.  It has the same barrel and eraser, however the lead is 0.9mm, making it more than 25% thicker.

Bic Velocity Pencils

If you are looking for a more professional Bic automatic pencil, then the Velocity Pro Mechanical pencil is right up your street.  The chrome clip and retractable tip make it look and feel like a more expensive pencil, while the eraser cover keeps the pencil looking smart too.

Expanding Range

The Bic pens range is expanding all of the time.  If you would like to see our current range, please visit our website here.

Where Do We Deliver To?

Octopus deliver Bic pens and other office supplies all over the UK from our store in Greater Manchester.  We offer free collection from our trade counter in Stockport.