Brighten up your work space with a daylight desk lamp.

Daylight Desk Lamp

Daylight Desk Lamp

A daylight desk lamp simulates natural daylight making you feel more energised.

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Pod+ Daylight lampPod-Desk-Lamp

The Pod+ daylight desk lamp has a funky design that has a flexible neck designed to direct the light where you need it.  Like the other lamps in the ActiVita range, the Pod+ uses an LED lamp.  This has 2 light modes, daylight and a warm setting that is meant for creating a relaxing mood light.

The Pod+ also has some extra features too.  It has an LCD panel that shows the date, time and temperature in the base of the unit.

Strip Daylight Lamp

The strip desk lamp is a slender upright lamp that has sleek lines for use in the modern office.  It’s daylight simulating LED bulb has 6 brightness settings, so it can be adjusted to create the perfect lighting level.

The head on the Strip lamp folds down so that the lamp takes up virtually no space.

Strip+ Daylight Desk Lamp

The Strip+ daylight desk lamp is the daddy of the Rexel ActiVita range.  It has 3 light settings, daylight that speaks for itself and energises the user.  There is a cool setting that will brighten up your desk and also a warm setting, which is designed to be relaxing for the user.Strip-Plus-Desk-Lamp

The Strip+ lamp also has 4 settings in each mode, so that there are in effect 12 different light settings in total.  The head on the Strip+ is adjustable so that it can be directed exactly where you need it and it folds completely flat when not in use.

The Strip+ also has a few clever additional features such as an LCD panel with a calendar, clock and thermometer.  An integral USB port is also included which can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets or other devices.

Check out this article about the impact of daylight on mental health.

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