According to new data which Talent Lifecycle Management released earlier this year, more than a third (37%) of the workforce is now asked to present themselves at the office daily, while 58% are returning to their workplaces full-time voluntarily.

So it could be a good time to step back and think about how you run the space where your staff spend so much of their waking lives.

After all, immediate surroundings have a direct impact on psychological well-being. And a workspace which is disorganised and cluttered could easily lead to anxiety and stress, stopping people from thinking creatively and clearly. This can influence overall productivity and their ability to meet goals, causing employees to feel out of control.

After all, no one can function at their best if they’re surrounded by what amounts to chaos.

On the other hand, an ordered office stimulates focused thinking while removing unnecessary distractions and making a positive contribution to mental health.

Apart from anything else, team members won’t waste half an hour searching for something important if they know where everything is.

Finally, you’ll give a much better impression to anyone visiting, not least current or potential clients, while clutter such as boxes can be an obstructive health and safety hazard.

Start small

Organising your workspace doesn’t have to be an overwhelming affair. As with anything else, break the job down into separate elements, and start small. Tackle it one task at a time.

  • Begin with a good old declutter so that you recycle, donate or throw out anything that isn’t essential to the smooth running of your office. If necessary, have a date and time in the diary for doing this and involve the whole team. The office overall needs attention, as do individual workstations – be ruthless.
  • Set up an efficient filing system for paper documents and brochures, magazines, marketing materials and the like. Be mindful of any paperwork which may contain sensitive information, and be sure you can lay your hands on whatever you need in seconds.
  • Get into the habit of doing organisational tasks such as filing and tidying little and often, say at the start or end of the working day, or on a Friday afternoon, to stay on top of things.
  • Go paperless where you can, but you’re bound always to have a certain amount of physical paperwork. Just don’t let it build up – and regularly recycle documents you no longer need.
  • Spend time sorting out your desk; that old joke about a clean desk being the sign of a sick mind was never really that funny. Don’t let your heart sink at the sight of a groaning work table. Go through papers frequently, use desk tidies, letter trays, penholders, magazine files and racks and so on to organise this area. Don’t fill drawers with a jumble of stuff – have specific drawers or organisers for particular items. This maximises space while making it easier to monitor what you have and when you run out. Have the most vital things at your fingertips, less-used ones elsewhere but still within easy reach. Don’t duplicate or store too much of the same item. And while everyone likes a few personal items such as family photos, minimising these reduces clutter.

Ultimately, having a good old sort-out can be surprisingly satisfying – and will save space as well as time.

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