Navigator Paper

As office papers goes, Navigator paper is one of the most popular in the world.  There are several ranges to choose from depending on the quality of the paper you would like to use.

Navigator Paper

Navigator Paper 80gsm

The Navigator 80gsm paper that we supply is generally the Universal.  The Navigator Universal is available in A4 and A3 size and guaranteed for use in copiers, laser printers and inkjet printers.  The paper is uncoated and has a whiteness grade of 169, which is pretty good for an 80gsm office paper.

The Navigator Universal is supplied in reams of 500 and there are 5 reams in a box.  There is also a fast pack box, which contains 2500 sheets unwrapped.  This is ideal for companies that use a lot of paper as it reduces the time taken to unwrap the paper when the whole box is going to be placed into the printer cassette.

A4 80gsm


A3 80gsm

Navigator Paper 90gsm

The next quality up from the Universal paper is the Navigator Expression paper.  Navigator 90gsm Expression paper is smoother and thicker than the Universal and as such is often used for marketing uses.

One of the benefits of using a slightly thicker paper with more opacity is that you can print on both sides of the paper without the text from the other side showing through.  This can reduce the amount of paper used and make your documents thinner and more professional.

The whiteness of the Expression 90gsm paper is 169.

The Navigator Expression is available in A4 and A3 sizes.  It is supplied by the ream, however the reams can be supplied in an outer box of 5 reams.

A4 90gsm A3 90gsm

Navigator Paper 100gsm

Our Navigator 100gsm paper from is the Presentation range and is a very smooth paper that is ideal for letterheads for your business or producing high end presentations.  The thickness of the paper makes printing on both sides of the paper in colour possible, as the information from one side is less likely to show through to the other.

The whiteness of the Navigator Presentation paper is 169, which is the same as the 80gsm Universal and the 90gsm Expression papers.

Navigator Presentation paper is available in A4 and A3 sizes.  We supply 100gsm paper in reams of 500 sheets, however the A4 is also available in boxes of 5 reams.  The A3 Navigator paper is supplied in boxes of 4 reams (2000 sheets).  This is just to reduce the weight as it would be too heavy with 5 reams in the box.

A4 100gsm


a3 100gsm

Navigator 120gsm Paper

If you are looking for the ultimate in quality document printing, the Navigator Colour Documents paper could well be the best choice for you.  The Navigator ultra high definition formula together with the increased stiffness and thickness makes this paper ideal for top end presentations where image is everything.

The whiteness of the paper is graded at 169 as with the 100gsm Presentation paper.

Navigator Colour Documents paper is supplies in packs of 250 sheets and there are 5 packs per outer carton.

A4 120gsm


a3 120gsm

Navigator A4 Paper

A4 Navigator is one of our fastest selling papers and ideal for the modern office.  As detailed above, there are certain papers for certain jobs.

Universal paper is great for the general office as it is a cheap A4 paper that is ideal for reports, delivery notes or invoices.  It is often bought by distribution companies or utilities.

Expression 90gsm paper is good for marketing material and is often used by estate agents.

Navigator Presentation 100gsm is ideal for letterheads.  So, if you print your own stationery, the 100gsm is a good choice.

Colour Document paper is designed for high end presentations.  Perhaps you create a company brochure or product literature.  If so this A4 paper is ideal.

Navigator A3 Paper

All of the above papers are also available in A3 size.  This means that is you want a corporate paper that is all uniform, to can with Navigator.

Do You Need Navigator Paper Fast?

If you need Navigator paper quickly, call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.  We can deliver the same day in most cases around the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area.

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