Octopus Office supply all of the popular rubber band sizes (and some not so popular too).

Rubber Band Sizes

Rubber Band Sizes

Rubber Band Sizes Chart

All rubber band sizes lengths are rounded to the nearest millimetre and all widths to the nearest 10th of a millimetre.


Rubber Band Sizes

No10 – 32mm x 1.6mm (1 1/4″ x 1/16″) Approx 3700 bands per pack

No12 – 38mm x 1.6mm (1 1/2″ x 1/16″) Approx 2500 bands per pack

No14 – 51mm x 1.6mm (2″ x 1/16″) Approx 2250 bands per pack

No16 – 63mm x 1.6mm (2 1/2″ x 1/16″) Approx 1800 bands per pack

No18 – 76mm x 1.6mm (3″ x 1/16″) Approx 1480 bands per pack

No19 – 89mm x 1.6mm (3 1/2″ x 1/16″) Approx 1250 bands per pack

No24 – 152mm x 1.6mm (6″ x 1/16″) Approx 740 bands per pack

No30 – 51mm x 3.2mm (2″ x 1/8″) Approx 1150 bands per pack

No32 – 76mm x 3.2mm (3″ x 1/8″) Approx 700 bands per pack

No33 – 89mm x 3.2mm (3 1/2″ x 1/8″) Approx 600 bands per pack

No34 – 102mm x 3.2mm (4″ x 1/8″) Approx 575 bands per pack

No36 -127mm x 3.2mm (5″ x 1/8″) Approx 420 bands per pack

No38 – 152mm x 3.2mm (6″ x 1/8″) Approx 350 bands per pack

No63 – 76mm x 6.3mm (3″ x 1/4″) Approx 380 bands per pack

No64 – 89mm x 6.3mm (3 1/2″ x 1/4″) Approx 320 bands per pack

No65 – 102mm x 6.3mm (4″ x 1/4″) Approx 280 bands per pack

No69 – 152mm x 6.3mm (6″ x 1/4″) Approx 175 bands per pack

No75 – 102mm x 9.5mm (4″ x 3/8″) Approx 190 bands per pack

No89 – 152mm x 12.7mm (6″ x 1/2″) Approx 85 bands per pack

No108 – 203mm x 16mm (8″ x 5/8″) Approx 55 bands per pack

Assorted Sizes (brown, tan, amber)

Assorted Sizes (coloured)

Rubber Band Ball (coloured)

Rubber Band Box Quantites

Rubber bands are sold by weight.  In the UK most rubber band sizes are supplied in 450-500g packs depending on the manufacturer.  The quantity of rubber bands in a pack varies depending upon the size of the band.  For instance, there are approximately 1800 bands in a 450g pack of No16 rubber bands.

How to Measure a Rubber Band Size

The way to measure a rubber band sizes is to squeeze it flat (but don’t stretch it) and measure the length.  Then you measure the width of the band and this will give you the size.

Rubber Band Applications

Rubber bands are used all over the world and have many uses.  In the solicitors office they are used for holding together lever arch files and folders, whilst in the warehouse they can be used for bundling products together.  They are often used in postrooms to bundle post for different departments or the post office itself to keep mail organised.  There are literally thousands of uses and are used in virtually every business on the planet.

Rubber Band Colours

The standard rubber band sizes that are supplied in the UK are a light brown colour.  They are also referred to as amber, tan or buff.  The assorted rubber bands come in light brown or an assorted colour pack.

Rubber Band Origin

The rubber bands that we generally supply are manufactured in Thailand, however there are also large manufacturers in China too.

Rubber Bands or Elastic Bands

Are they rubber bands or elastic bands?  Well, both really.  Rubber bands are referred to because of the high rubber content in the item (roughly 70-80%).  Where as, elastic bands are referring to the elasticity of the item.  This means it can return to it’s original shape and size once the force to stretch it has been removed.

When Were Rubber Bands Invented

Rubber bands were patented by Stephen Perry on 17th March (St Patricks Day) 1845.

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