The UK has some vintage paper sizes that have been superseded by A4

Some of the popular paper sizes, including Quarto paper size, Foolscap paper size, Demy size paper and American paper sizes, of the 20th century are beginning to make a comeback in the UK due to businesses wanting to be a bit more individual.  Octopus stock some of the traditional vintage paper sizes that were still being used up until the 1980’s.



Vintage Paper Sizes

Quarto Paper Size

The quarto size paper that was commonly used in the 20th century is 10 x 8″ (254 x 203mm).  This vintage quarto paper size is still used in certain diaries, printing documents such as books, reports, and technical manuals. Its compact dimensions make it convenient for a variety of applications, balancing readability with a manageable page size. In the UK, however businesses generally would not use this quarto paper size in the office.

Consider buying quarto size paper as it is a versatile and cost-effective option that meets various printing and document needs with ease, making it an excellent choice for efficient business operations.

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Foolscap Paper Size

The foolscap size paper was still being used in the 1990’s by some legal firms and businesses that were dealing with the legal industry.  The size is still very common in filing and storage products, as it serves as an oversized A4.  Foolscap size paper is 13 x 8″ (330 x 203mm).

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Demy Size Paper for Blotters

The demy size paper that was used in blotters was generally made from a thick porous blotting paper.  The size of the blotting paper was 17.5 x 22.5″ (445 x 570mm). The demy size was also made in a half size, funnily enough called half demy.  This size was used in the smaller size blotters that were available, this size was 11.25 x 17.5″ (285 x 445mm).

American Size Papers

We also stock a range of American size papers.  These include the US legal and the US letter size paper.  Click to learn more about the American paper sizes.

Reducing Paper Usage

If you want to reduce your paper consumption in the office, check out this article.

Other Vintage Paper Sizes

There are many other vintage paper sizes that were once used in the UK and these can be made by special order.
Call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 and we will try and help you find the vintage paper size that you are looking for.

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2 thoughts on “Buy Vintage Paper Sizes in the UK

  1. james mason says:

    Thank you for producing UK quarto paper for sale. As an oldie which resented its loss bitterly when we were obliged adopt the all-embracing eu sizes (for the benefit of continental paper suppliers, to make it easier for them, in addition to the drive towards “harmonization”). I expect to purchase some presently. Nearly all letters will fit onto quarto rather than A4, unless one’s a little unlucky on length

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