Xerox Never Tear

Xerox Never Tear Paper

Printing paper that can resist spillages and rough handling.  You need Xerox Never Tear Paper

Never Tear paper can be used in almost all desktop laser printers and will produce prints just as clear as normal office paper.  Once printed Never Tear paper is resistant to liquids and almost impossible to tear.

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Xerox Never Tear Paper Sizes

Xerox Never Tear is available in a selection of standard sizes from A4 up to SRA3.  It can however be cut to any size from a business card or A5 size.

Never Tear Paper Thicknesses

Xerox Never Tear comes in several thicknesses that is measured in thickness rather than weight.  The thinnest Never Tear paper is 95 micron which will work in most laser printers.  From there the thicknesses go from 120 micron, 145 micron, 195 micron, 270 micron and 350 micron.

Never Tear Paper Uses

Never Tear Paper for the Leisure Industry

Xerox Never Tear paper can be used for many uses in the leisure industry.  They can be made into printed maps, for fishing or sight seeing.  In the case of gyms they can be made into workout programs or instructions for equipment.

Never Tear Paper in the Motor Trade

The motor industry can be an oily and greasy environment and Xerox Never Tear paper can be used for things like record cards for vehicles or tags for keys.  As Never Tear paper can be written on with a regular ballpoint pen, it is ideal for mechanics to use as log books for vehicles that they look after.

Never Tear Paper in the Horticulture Sector

Garden centres are by their very nature can be damp and mucky places and Xerox Never Tear paper is in it’s element in places like this.  Never Tear can be used for sale tags for plants and outdoor racking strips.  As Never Tear paper is water resistant, it can be used for sale signs or plant stake banners that are outdoors too.

Never Tear Paper for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels and restaurants have sticky, oily and greasy ingredients in their kitchens as well as their customers’ children’s fingers to deal with, and Xerox Never Tear couldn’t be more at home.  Whether it is for menus, recipe cards or specials inserts for main menus, they will last much longer than standard office paper.

Never Tear in Manchester

We have access to all sizes of Xerox Never Tear paper, therefore can deliver the next working day.  As Octopus are based very near Manchester, we are able to deliver into the city centre the same day if we have the product in stock.  For more information, please call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.

Watch video for Xerox Never Tear paper here


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