Avery Labels & Stickers For Office and Home Use

Avery labels offer a wide range of products, from small marking stickers to a huge range for parcels and addresses.

Avery Labels

Whatever the solution is you’re looking for, if it is label related, Avery will have a product to get the job done.

Avery Address Labels

The Avery range of address labels is vast.  There are labels in almost every size you might need from 24 per sheet up to 14 per sheet.  The standard sizes come in 3 different pack sizes, 25 sheets, 100 sheets (which is the most common) and 250 sheets.

Avery Labels 2

Avery Parcel Labels

Avery parcel labels are available in either laser or inkjet compatible formats.  They are designed in larger sizes, as some parcels require more than just the address of the recipient.  The parcel labels start at 8 per sheet and go up to 1 per sheet, which is basically a full page label.

The laser version of the parcel label also has the added benefit of blockout material, so that the labels can be stuck over the top of other labels.  The blackout material prevents the original label from showing through.

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avery Marking Stickers

We supply Avery stickers for marking purposes such as stock taking or colour coding files or documents. They are available in small cellophane packs that contain a few hundred stickers depending on the size required.

Avery stickers are versatile labelling solutions used for a variety of purposes, from organising office supplies to crafting personalised gifts. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials, ensuring compatibility with printers and other labelling tools. Known for their high-quality adhesive, Avery stickers reliably stay in place while being easy to remove when needed.


The smallest marking labels are 8mm in diameter and come in a range of individual colours or a pack of assorted colours.  Avery also makes some handy labels in a dispenser that are often used by companies when stock taking as they can use a different colour each year. These Avery labels are 19mm in diameter and come in red, green, yellow, blue, orange and white.

avery Heavy Duty Labels

This is what you need if your labels have got to stand up to getting wet or oily.  They are resistant to water, oil and can even stand up to very high and very low temperatures.  This means they are good for use in freezers and area that get hot, such as near engines and heaters.  Not all Avery labels are resistant like these.

avery Clear Labels

If your labels are being placed onto products, you might want the colour of the packaging to show through.  This is where the clear Avery labels are useful.  Once applied to products, the label becomes almost invisible.  This means that you can use them to customise or brand generic products to make them your own.  They are available in a range of popular sizes.

Avery Security Labels

Avery Security Labels

Anti-Tamper Labels

How can you protect your equipment from being stolen?  Avery anti-tamper labels can help reduce thefts of equipment and personal belongings.  Once the labels are applied, the labels cannot be removed without it being obvious that there was a security label in place.

No-Peel Labels

These labels will disintegrate if anybody attempts to remove them.  They can be printed using either a colour or mono laser printer and then applied like an ordinary label.  It is only when they are removed that they break up, so cannot be applied to another piece of equipment.

Avery Labels in Manchester & Stockport

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We stock many of the different types and have access to many more with same day delivery possible in many cases.

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