Acorn Big Bin Recycling Bins

The Acorn big bin is a great way to collect your waste paper for recycling in the office.

Acorn Big Bin

If you are looking for a cost-effective paper recycling bin, this is the answer.  It is made from 80% recycled material itself and has a huge capacity of 160 litres.  Although made from over 80% recycled material, the Big Bin is extremely durable and can stand up to being emptied many times over.


Acorn’s big recycling bins for offices are designed to streamline waste management with their spacious and easy-to-use compartments. These bins promote environmental sustainability by encouraging employees to separate recyclables efficiently. Their durable construction and modern design make them a practical and attractive addition to any workplace.

Acorn Recycling Bins

Acorn Big Bin Liners

The Acorn Big Bin liners are made from virgin polyethene and are designed to be used over and over.Acorn Big Bin

Rather than be made of the weaker biodegradable material that cannot be recycled, these bags can be used many times.

As these bags are clear and printed.

It lets refuse companies see immediately that the contents are paper and therefore for recycling and not general waste.

Acorn Big Bin - Paper Recycling Bins 1

Acorn Recycling Bin

The Acorn Recycling bin is a smaller version of the Big Bin.  It is 60 litres and is ideal to be positioned next to photocopiers and printers for the recycling of any non-confidential waste paper.

As is with the Acorn Big Bin, the Recycling bin is made from over 80% recycled material.  It is also strong and designed to be emptied many, many times.

Acorn Recycling Bin Liners

The bin liners for the Acorn Recycling Bin are also made from virgin polythene to make them strong enough to be used several times over.  They are also clear and have the RECYCLED logo printed on them.

Bins for Everyday Office Use

If it is a general refuse bin or an office bin that you need, we can help.  We have a huge range of bins for personal use beside your desk to a wheelie bin for your car park.

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Acorn Bin Liners In Manchester

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