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At Octopus we have a wide range of desks for all office environments. Office desks Manchester include free delivery and assembly service.

Office Desks Manchester

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Office Desks

Octopus Office offer a wide array of contemporary and ergonomic office desks, with various styles to suit everybody’s needs and style. From sleek minimalist designs suitable for modern workspaces to sturdy and functional desks ideal for collaborative environments.
With an emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship, these office desks provide both durability and style to enhance the overall office environment. Octopus Office’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that businesses in Manchester can find the perfect desks to create a productive and visually appealing workspace.

Adjustable Height Office Desks

At Octopus Office we offers a range of adjustable height office desks, providing employees with the flexibility to find the most comfortable seating position when working. 

Corner Office Desks

Elevate your office space with our selection of corner office desks, intelligently designed to maximise workspace efficiency. These versatile desks offer a seamless blend of style and functionality, making them ideal for corners of rooms and utilising unused space in offices or at home.

Bow Fronted Executive Desk

This desk is suitable for any employee who works on a computer at a desk, it has a left hand pedestal. This desk is also available in the exact same design with a right handed pedestal for whatever your preference. Available in either Cherry Marbella (shown below) or Dark Walnut.

Sonix Style Radial Desk

This desk is perfect for those who require a large working area and will accept fixed pedestals on the non-handed side. It has silver legs, and is also available for right-handed users. The colours available in this desk are Beech (shown below) Maple, Oak, Walnut and white.

Trexus Premier Radial Desk

This is also a perfect desk for those who require a large working area, and will accept fixed pedestals on the non-handed side. This is a right-handed desk and is available for left-handed users also. It includes a desk high pedestal, and comes in Maple (shown below) Beech and Oak.

Trexus Basics Desk

This desk is complete with one filing and one stationery pedestal and has graphite legs. It is a rectangular shaped desk, and is available in Oak (shown below) and Beech.

White, Grey and Black Desks

Explore our collection of office desks in white, grey, and black finishes, providing a sleek and modern touch to any workspace. Whether you prefer a minimalist monochrome look or desire a neutral palette to complement your office décor, our office desks combine style and functionality to create a professional and inviting work environment.

Oak, Beech & Walnut Office Desks

Discover the warmth and richness of our Oak office desks, the classic charm of Beech, and the timeless elegance of Walnut office desks in our diverse collection. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these desks bring natural textures and tones to your workspace, adding a touch of sophistication. 

Home Office Desks

Explore our range of home office desks, with working from home becoming more and more popular, it’s important to have the right desk so that you can work comfortably. With a wide range of colours and styles of desk, you can choose the perfect desk for your home office.

Desk Extensions

Our range of desk extensions are perfect for sit-stand working in the office or at home, enabling you to add an extension on your current desk.

Reception Desks

We supply and install a wide variety of modular reception desks and units from a simple one piece counter style reception desk to an exquisite arrangement, to compliment the most prestigious reception area.

Whatever office environment you have, we can design a reception desk for that purpose, deliver it to you and assemble it. We have some reception units that are ex stock, however the more luxurious units are made by special order.

Reception Desks Manchester

Computer Trolleys and Workstations

Upgrade your office efficiency with our computer workstations and trolleys, designed for seamless integration of technology into the modern workspace. These ergonomic solutions provide flexibility and mobility, ensuring a dynamic and organised environment that enhances productivity in any office setting.

For more information on ordering office desks, reception desks or other office furniture and accessories, or to order today, please call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 or visit our Web Store.

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