Octopus Can Supply All Of Your Legal Stationery

Octopus offers a wide range of law supplies.  Whether it’s legal wallets or files, pink ribbon or DX bags, we can help.  We even supply credit debit pads in a selection of colours.  We deliver legal stationery & supplies into Manchester City Centre every day to barristers chambers, law firms and solicitors practices.  Our same day delivery service is there to give a fast response when an urgent bundle or file needs to be assembled.

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Legal Files & Folders

Businesses such as solicitors or barristers chambers use special folders that have greater capacity than the standard document wallets that other companies use.  Legal wallets are basically a large capacity wallet that is made from very thick card.  They have a strong pocket that has a pink ribbon to secure the contents once they have been inserted.  As well as legal folders Octopus stock a wide range of standard office folders.

Legal Clips & Fasteners

Most law firms use correspondence pins or paper fasteners inside their files to keep the papers secure.  Loose papers or documents in a bundle can be a serious problem.  We supply correspondence pins in many different sizes, from 13mm or half an inch up to 76mm or 3 inches.  Foldback clips have become a large part of the law firms stationery requirements instead of paper clips as they have a larger capacity.  Octopus also supply pink ribbon for legal firms and we are able to supply ribbon in several lengths and in pink or green.

Legal Pads

Legal pads might mean credit debit pads or it may refer to analysis pads of some sort.  Octopus stock credit and debit pads in either pink or blue and we also stock other types of pads such as executive pads and counsels notebooks.

Legal CornersLegal Stationery

Octopus supply a range of unique legal corners with scales of justice on one side and plain on the reverse.  These can be used either way around and come in a choice of 4 colours.

Need legal stationery in a hurry?

As Octopus are based in the Greater Manchester area, we are able to respond quickly should you require legal stationery or indeed general office supplies to be delivered the same day.  Just call our helpful sales office on 0161 429 8118 and we will try and help.

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