Recycled Printer Cartridges

Recycled Printer Cartridges For Clic Sargent Charity

Recycled Printer Cartridges To Help Cure Cancer

In 2005 a charity organization to help young cancer patients was formed called Clic Sargent, since the forming of this fund-raising company they have become the UK’s leading cancer charity for children, young people and their families.

Clic Sargent raise as much money as possible in different ways to help care for children and/or young people diagnosed with Cancer, by helping them survive and make the most out of their lives with the money raised.

They also help the patient’s families as they will be distressed also during the traumatic time of their loved ones suffering. From fund raising events, simple donations and recycling there are a number of ways Clic Sargent raise money to try and save children from Cancer.

Most charities organise sponsored events such as walks or runs and simple donations where you can send money straight to the organization however, Clic Sargent have a recycling option where you can recycle your old and unwanted, cars, mobile phones and Recycled Printer Cartridges, this is where we come in.

For around 6 years Octopus have given customers the opportunity to help us raise money for Clic Sargent and young Cancer patients by sending us their used and unwanted octopus recycleprinter cartridges that we have supplied to them for us to recycle. Selected printer cartridges when recycled can earn £1 and the money earned from recycling we will send to help people suffering with childhood cancer.

On average over a month period we will sell around 400 printer cartridges and receive around a quarter of them back when used and ready to recycle. On this basis this means we will be able to send around 100 Recycled printer cartridges a month to Clic Sargent for them to recycle and earn money from. On the other hand only some of these printer cartridges are able to be recycled for £1 each, this is based on the type of cartridge it is, now here comes the technical part…

We sell two types of cartridges, one which is an original cartridge which means it was made by a brand such as Brother, Samsung, Kyocera or HP and the other, a compatible cartridge which means it has been refilled since being made. The majority of cartridges we sell are originals and only some compatibles. This works out well for Clic Sargent and their Cancer patients as 75% of original Recycled Printer cartridges are able to be recycled for £1 each and only 10% of compatible cartridges.

sargentAfter looking at how many cartridges we sell monthly, how many customers send unwanted cartridges back to us and how many cartridges are able to be recycled and earned money for, we made an estimation on roughly how much we have raised for childhood Cancer patients at Clic Sargent over a 6 year course and came to a figure of £6,120. We think this is an enormous amount of money for something that others would or do throw away. After making this estimation we are very proud of our donations and will definitely be continuing to help raise money for suffering children and their families through Clic Sargent.

It is a fact that throwing away cartridges raises nothing and also harms the environment. Instead of helping to cause global warming why not help to save the lives of children suffering with Cancer.  So please for the sake of young children’s lives being saved, if you have bought or often buy printer cartridges from us then please consider sending them back to us once used and unwanted for us to recycle and lets make that 100 cartridges into 400! (This will make our £6,120 into £24,480!) We are very grateful to everyone that often sends us their used cartridges or anyone that has done before and we hope you continue with that as you have made a massive difference.

Also you can visit Clic Sargent for other ways to help donate money to terminally ill children and their suffering families.