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Guildhall Products

The Guildhall brand encompasses a wide range of products from accounts books to files.  There is one common theme however and that is organisation.

Accounts Books


Their accounts book range isn’t as comprehensive as it once was, however there just isn’t the same requirements these days as there was in the 20th century.  There is still a range of books and generally somebody still using a manual accounting system will find something that will work for them.

Transfer Spring Files

Transfer files are still widely used in law firms, accountancy practices and businesses where hard copies of documents need to be stored.  Transfer files are available in a range of colours and qualities as well as with or without a pocket for loose papers.

Document Wallets

Document wallets are almost as popular as ever.  There are several colours to choose from and the Guildhall range of wallets continues to be the premium quality.

Square Cut Folders

Folders used in suspension filing systems are becoming less common as more companies opt for scanning documents. There are however several ranges that Guildhall make from their thinner everyday files, to their premium thick cardboard files that can be used multiple times and last longer. View our square cut folders.

Visitors Books

There are a couple of types of visitor book.  The sewn in variety that is what you would call a traditional book or the loose leaf binder.  The loose leaf binder is often favoured as the pages can be taken out and stored away securely.  When the pages are all used a new refill can be purchased and inserted, saving money in the long run too. Shop our books.

Guildhall Products In Manchester

Octopus have been supplying businesses with Guildhall products since 2002.  We supply files, folders, books and wallets for delivery to solicitors, accountants and all types of businesses in the Greater Manchester area.

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