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Nobo is the World’s leading supplier of display and presentation supplies.  It would be very unusual to step inside a busy office without seeing just one of their many products in use.

In this article, we will find out more about them and the everyday products that they supply.

From whiteboards to clip frames, showboards to a full wall rail system containing dry wipe boards, overhead projectors and stands to felt boards. Nobo supply them all.

Nobo Notice Boards & Equipment
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Nobo Office Products

Who are Nobo

Nobo, simply short for Notice Boards, started the business over 40 years ago. Their mission to deliver high quality, modern innovative products to their customers. Since then they’ve gone beyond their initial expectations and now sit very comfortably at the top of their game.Nobo

However, with the initial goal in mind, they still strive forward to get a clear understanding of what their users require and deliver. This allows them to continue to hold their position in the visual communications market.

Nobo is now part of Acco Brands. Acco Brands is the largest manufacturer of office products and supplies in the World. This includes many other well-known office brands including Rexel, Cambridge, Acco, Derwent, GBC, Kensington and Quartet to name just a few.

From noticeboards to staplers, binding machines to books and pads. The Acco Brands label cover them all. The Nobo brand still remains an extremely strong brand for them all these years later.

NOBO Display Boards, Frames and Signage

As the whole Nobo brand shouts out. Notice Boards are certainly an extremely popular seller of the Nobo brand. They have a noticeboard solution for every instance including;

NOBO Felt Display Boards

The Nobo range of felt covered notice boards come in a broad array of colours and dimensions, ideal for the workplace. Nobo also includes a range of felt boards that are perfect for home use.

NOBO Cork Notice Boards

The cork notice boards have a smart, durable cork area and the range of traditional cork notice boards are ideal for any suitable surroundings, The cork noticeboard tends to be used for notices and general signs. These can be added in seconds to generate eye-catching displays or presentations.

NOBO Foam Notice Boards

The range of foam noticeboards has been designed to give a high professional stylish look, with foam of an extremely high density. This gives the board a perfect self-healing process, which eradicates the holes that can become very unsightly.

NOBO Combination Display Boards

The combination noticeboards from Nobo are very popular. They make such a great addition to the office. This allows you to have two separate surfaces on one board. For example, the Prestige Combination Notice Board, also known as Combi Board has an embossed foam noticeboard on one side and a magnetic dry wipe board surface on the other.

NOBO Lockable Notice Boards

You will tend to find lockable noticeboard in many public places including council buildings, schools, colleges and universities. These tend to be used to allow notices, messages and information to be displayed. This also ensures that only selected users to have access inside the actual lockable notice board to remove or add content.


Nobo Drywipe Boards
Nobo Notice Boards
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Glazed Display Cases

Internal Glazed Display Cases

The range of Nobo lockable glazed display cases is a terrific way to safeguard your important notices and information. They are very stylish and come complete with toughened safety glass and high-quality locks for complete peace of mind and security.

External Glazed Display Cases

No matter what the weather is like outside, the Nobo external glazed display cases will keep your notices and information safe from the elements. These exterior lockable noticeboards have special weather seals and toughened safety glass to ensure the contents are kept safe and sound.

Extra Flat Display Cases

These Nobo lockable extra flat display cases are lockable and have a very slim design. Designed especially to suit busy corridors, offices and workplaces. Complete with a magnetic whiteboard base you are able to use magnets to attach you notices or write directly onto the surface with dry wipe pens.

Internal Display Cases

The Nobo internal display case is perfect for use in public access ways and corridors. It comes complete with toughened sliding glass doors which make adding and changing the contents very easy. The internal lockable display case is supplied with a wall fixing kit and two keys.

Clip Frames and A-Frames

Another bestseller from Nobo and there is many of them, is their range of Clip FramesThese clipframes are available in a selection of sizes from the most popular A4 up to the huge A1 size.

Perfect for use internally and outdoors. It is totally weatherproof and wall mountable. Very easy to use, simply pull up the aluminium frame and place inside your poster or information notice.

These are also available as a freestanding pavement sign or also known as an A-board.

Spring Frames

Spring frames are ideal for use indoors. Again, a great poster frame which can be combined with clip frames to make a complimentary professional display.

Perfect for indoor use.

Nobo Spring Frames are great for displaying information, posters or promotional offers.

Combine them with matching clip frames and to create a co-ordinated, professional-looking display.

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Nobo Telescopic Flipchart Easel

Telescopic Display Nobo Flipchart Easel

A stylish flipchart easel with the functionality of telescopic legs.

Perfect for simple height adjustment and transportation.

Nobo Classic Steel Tripod Magnetic Easel with Extending Arms

Nobo flipchart easels have been trusted quality since 1971.

Previously known as Shark, the Nobo Classic Steel Tripod Flipchart Easel has a magnetic painted steel surface suitable for moderate use due to its good erasability and medium resistance to ink stains, pen marks, scratches and dents.

It features extending arms to display up to 3 pages simultaneously, while its tripod legs are adjustable for height and fully retract for storing or moving.

It is supplied with adjustable pad hooks, pen tray and a marker pen.

10-year surface guarantee.

Nobo Showboards & Display Panels

Nobo have a fantastic selection of showboards and display panels. Designed for presentations and exhibitions.

No exhibition or conference would be complete without one.

One example of the Nobo range is 3 Panel Nobo Showboard Extra

Lightweight, easily portable systems. Panels are double-sided and accept Hook Dots. Showboard 6 & 7 can be used as separate 3 or 4-panel displays. 360º hinges allow a wide range of different layout options. Showboard supplied with carrying bag. Showboard Extra features full-length display panels, ideal for extra-large graphics. Colour: blue/grey. 3 Panel Extra.

Nobo Display Panels & Showboards
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Welcome Foyer Boards

Give a great first impression with a Welcome Foyer Board, it’s always a nice touch to greet your visitors or guests in the right way.

Ideal for reception areas, Nobo Welcome Boards ensure visitors gain a good first impression via a professional greetings sign.

These freestanding boards come in two formats; a blue felt noticeboard with smart silver effect characters for easy updating and a dual purpose board combining this style with a magnetic drywipe board for notes.

From the moment you walk into a company reception, hotel or conference centre it is highly likely you will be presented with a foyer notice board.

Its even more likely that this welcome notice board is from the Nobo range.


Nobo Office Supplies Summary

This is just a small selection of the popular range of Nobo office supplies & products that are currently available. If you need any help choosing any Nobo office supplies or products please feel free to get in touch.0161 429 8118