Arnos Hang A PlanHang a Plan

Arnos is an Australian company that distributes Hang a Plan all over the world.  Octopus has been supplying Arnos products since we started in business in 2002.  The quality is world class and this is reinforced with a 10-year guarantee.  Arnos make a range of plan filing equipment to both store and transport plans.  Whether you need plans for 2, A1 or A0 drawings, Hang-a-Plan will have a binder to fit.



Arnos Quickfile Binders

The Quickfile binder is designed to make adding and removing plans as fast and hassle-free as possible.  The clamps open and close using the quick release levers, which will save time in the busy drawing office.  Quickfile binders are available in A1 and A0 sizes only.

Arnos Hang a Plan
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Arnos General BindersHang a Plan Binder

The general Arnos binder is available in 3 sizes, those being A2, A1 and A0 sizes.  Arnos plan binders are made to a very high standard and come with a 10-year guarantee.

Arnos Trolley

We supply 2 Arnos trolleys for storing and transporting plans.  There are 2 sizes depending on the size of plans that you want to store.

The large Hang a Plan trolley will accommodate All sizes up to A0 size.  This includes B1, A1, A2 and A3 size plans and it can hold a maximum of 20 binders, meaning 300 plans in total can be stored.  These can then be wheeled around the office to where they need to be used.

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Arnos Hang A Plan Wall RacksArnos Hang a Plan

The Arnos hang a plan wall rack is available in 2 sizes, that being a 10 capacity rack and a 5 capacity rack.  Each wall rack will hold all sizes of plans including A0 paper, A1 paper, A2 paper and A3 paper. Both Arnos wall racks come with wall fixings, however due to the weight of the unit when full it may need more.

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