HP Toner Cartridges

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HP Toner Cartridges Manchester

HP Toner Cartridges

Octopus have been supplying HP toner cartridges in Manchester since we began trading in 2002 and since then the sizes of the cartridges as well as the print yields have changed.  There are some HP toner cartridges that have a page life of up to 24,000 pages and if you buy the dual pack that can be as many as 48,000.

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HP Black Toner Cartridges

HP have made a large number of mono (black and white) printers over the last couple of decades.  The print quality HP Inkjet Cartridgehas become better due to advances in the print technology of black toner cartridges.  As a member of the HP Partner Program, we stock and have access to all the toner cartridges that HP manufacture for the Laserjet printers.  Whether it is a new cartridge for a brand new laser printer or a toner for an obsolete model, either we stock it or can source it for same day dispatch.  The Laserjet range of HP toner cartridges has been the most popular that Octopus have supplied and is still going strong.

HP Colour Toner Cartridges

The HP colour range of laser printers is known as the Color Laserjet series.  The range includes some multi-function machines that can copy, fax and scan as well as print.  The colour HP toner cartridges are used in a set of 4 cartridges, black, cyan (blue), magenta (red or pink) and yellow.  The machines require all of the cartridges to be present for the printer to work.  If you are looking for the best possible print quality from your Color Laserjet printer, then original HP toner cartridges are a must.

HP Consumables That Your Printer Might Need

HP laser printers often require other consumables to keep the machine running and as an HP Partner we can supply all of those things too.  Your printer will quite often advise you when the other items need replacing and may have a report to show their remaining life.

HP Maintenance Kit

Machines such as the HP P4014, P4015 and P4515 require a maintenance kit CB389A as well as toner cartridges to keep your printer running at optimum performance.  HP maintenance kits can be installed by the user, so do not require the services of a service engineer.  An HP Maintenance kit can have a page life of between 150,000 and up to 350,000 prints.  Octopus can generally supply maintenance kits for all Laserjet printers next day all over the UK.HP Printer

HP Fuser Unit

A fuser unit is a consumable part in the machine that fixes the toner to the paper.  Many of the HP Laserjet and Color Laserjet printers need a fuser kit replacing after a set number of prints (somewhere between 60,000 and 150,000 pages).  Fuser kits can be replaced by the user, so do not need to be installed by an engineer.  The HP Color Laserjet 9500 colour printer uses the C8556A fuser kit.  This requires replacement every 100,000 pages.

HP Cleaning Kit

Some HP Laserjet and Color Laserjet printers have a cleaning kit that requires replacement although not as often as HP toner cartridges.  This is a relatively cheap consumable part and has a page life of  somewhere in the region of 50,000 pages.  The HP Color Laserjet 9500 uses a C8554A cleaning kit.

HP Transfer Kit

Only HP Color Laserjet printers require a transfer kit, however they can last for several hundred thousand pages.  This means that they only require changing periodically.  The HP Color Laserjet 9500 uses the C8555A transfer kit and that typically lasts for 200,000 prints.

HP Drum Kit

A lot of the larger HP Color Laserjet printers use separate drum kits (sometimes known as drum units) and they require one for each colour.  In the case of the HP Color Laserjet 9500 the drums are, black C8560A, cyan C8561A, magenta C8562A and yellow C8563A.  These have a page life of up to 40,000 pages and are all part of the 822 range of printing supplies for the 9500.

HP Collection Unit

Very few HP printers use a collection unit, but the HP Color Laserjet CP4025 and CP4525 require the CE265A collection unit to keep the printer running.  It collects the waste toner and has to be replaced after approximately 36,000 pages.

HP Toner Cartridges In Manchester

We deliver HP toner cartridges in Manchester every day and being situated near to the city centre, we can often deliver very quickly.  We have customers all over Greater Manchester and often deliver HP toner cartridges the same day if our customer requires it.

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Most Popular HP Toner Cartridge

This weeks most popular toner cartridge is the W2210A toner cartridge.  This is an HP Laserjet cartridge made for use in the HP Color Laserjet Pro M255DW.

This HP Laserjet cartridge is the black toner and there are 3 other colour toners, those being W2211A, W2212A and W2213A.

Some of the Biggest Selling HP Laser Printers of 2020

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M283FDW – W2210A, W2211A, W2212A, W2213A / W2210X, W2211X, W2212X, W2213X

HP Laserjet Pro M15W  – CF244A

HP Laser 107W – W1106A

HP Laserjet Pro M28W – CF244A

HP Laserjet Pro M118DW – CF294A, CF294X / CF232A

HP Laserjet Pro M404DN – CF259A, CF259X

HP Color Laser 150NW – W2070A, W2071A, W2072A, W2073A / W1120A

HP Color Laserjet Pro M479FDN – W2030A, W2031A, W2032A, W2033A / W2030X, W2031X, W2032X, W2033X

HP Color Laserjet Pro M255DW – W2210A, W2211A, W2212A, W2213A / W2210X, W2211X, W2212X, W2213X

HP Laserjet Pro M148DW – CF294A, CF294X / CF232A

HP Color Laserjet Pro M479FNW – W2030A, W2031A, W2032A, W2033A / W2030X, W2031X, W2032X, W2033X

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M225dw, M225dn, M127fw, M127fn, M127fs, M201n, M201dw and M125nw – CF283A, CF283X

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227FDN – CF230A, CF230X / CF232A

HP Laserjet Enterprise M507DN – CF289A, CF289X, CF289Y

HP Laserjet Pro M203DN – CF230A, CF230X / CF232A

Some of the Biggest Selling HP Inkjet Printers of 2020

HP Deskjet 2724 – 305, 305XL

HP Deskjet 2710 – 305, 305XL

HP Envy 6020 – 305, 305XL, 307XL

HP Deskjet Plus 4120 – 305, 305XL

HP Deskjet 2720 – 305, 305XL

HP Deskjet 3760 – 304, 304XL

HP Envy 6430 – 305, 305XL, 307XL

HP Officejey Pro 7740 – 953, 953XL, 957XL

HP Officejet Pro 7720 – 953, 953XL, 957XL

HP Officejet Pro 9010 – 963, 963XL

HP Deskjet Plus 4122 – 305, 305XL