Office Laminators

office Laminators

Protect your documents with one of our range of office laminators.

Reliable, Quality Office Laminators for Every Need

Our office laminators are engineered for efficiency and ease of use, making them an essential tool for any workplace. With quick warm-up times and high-speed lamination, they ensure your documents are protected and look professional in no time.

Whether you are laminating documents to protect them against liquids and dirt or just to make them look better there are laminators to suit your budget and office requirements.

GBC make laminators for laminating documents up to A2 or name badges as small as a credit card.

A4 Laminator


The entry level laminator is the GBC Inspire A4 and can from ID size up to A4 and can laminate up to a thickness of 150 microns.  The GBC Inspire A4 has just one switch, so very easy to use.  There is a laminate exit tray, so that laminated sheets land flat and have less curl.  Because the Inspire A4 is light and compact, it can be used almost as a portable laminator as it will fit into a small case.

A3 Laminatorportable laminator


The next level up in laminator terms is the GBC Fusion A3 laminator range that can laminate from ID size up to A3 size.  the 1000L can laminate up to a thickness of 150 micron, whilst the 1100L can laminate up to 250 micron and the heavy duty GBC Fusion 3100L can laminate a 350 micron pouch.

A2 Laminator


The GBC Heatseal ProSeries 4000LM can laminate a huge A2 document or a tiny ID badge.  The A2 laminator is also extremely fast with a lamination speed of 40 seconds for an A4 page, however it is possible to laminate 2 at a time side by side.  It has a very quick warm up time of just 2 minutes and can laminate up to a thickness of 500 micron, which is like a stiff board when laminated.

High-Quality Laminator Pouches and Sheets for Professional Use

Our premium laminator sheets and pouches are designed to provide exceptional clarity and durability, ensuring your documents are well-protected and professionally presented. Compatible with most laminator machines, these sheets are perfect for preserving important papers, photos, and more. Available in various sizes and thicknesses, they offer a reliable solution for all your laminating needs, enhancing the longevity and appearance of your materials.

Laminating Pouches

Octopus supply a range of laminating pouches in different sizes and different thicknesses.


What laminator should you buy for your office?

Deciding what laminator to buy for you office, is quite simple, you just need to decide what size of laminate you require and how much you are likely to use it.

The cheapest laminators tend to be slower. If you are intending to use the laminator for large numbers of documents then you may need a faster laminator.  Additionally if you are going to laminate one off documents but on a regular basis, you may want to buy one that has a quick warm up time.

You also need to decide on the size of the laminating pouch you need to laminate, whether it is A4, A3 or A2 size.  A2 laminators will laminate up and including A2 and A3 will laminate up to and including A3.

Finally you may need to laminate thicker pouches and the cheaper machines generally only laminate up to 150 micron, whilst the larger more expensive laminating machines can laminate up to 500 micron.

Laminators In Stockport & Manchester

Companies based in Manchester or Stockport can benefit from having a laminator delivered the same day or it can be ordered and collected from our office stationery and supplies store in Stockport, Cheshire. We carry stock of a selection of laminators and can often deliver around Greater Manchester within a couple of hours.

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