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Filing Cabinets Manchester

Filing cabinets have become an essential part of every home and office. Due to their different applications, they vary in their size, orientation and ultimately price. 
We deliver office furniture all over the UK, however we can offer really fast delivery of filing cabinets in Manchester.

Budget Filing Cabinets

The different sizes of filing cabinets offered by the manufacturers ensure that all your needs are catered for whilst maintaining the structural and security integrity of the cabinet.

For example, the Trexus range has filing cabinets available in 2,3 and 4 drawer. The filing cabinet is capable of handling heavy loads making them suitable for long term use.

Bisley filing cabinets – the nations favourite.

To cater for even larger filing, the Bisley brand comes to the rescue. This consumer favourite capable of both foolscap filing and card filing has units with up to 7 drawers.

The units in the BS series all come with double skin drawer front and flush fronted steel cabinets. For tight spaces and compact filing, the Bisley side filing cabinets offer 30% greater filing capacity.

Fireproof & fire resistant filing cabinets

Security is a top priority in choice of filing cabinets. Phoenix fire filing cabinets come out on top when safety is considered. With its 90 minute fire resistance at 1050 degrees, the 2 drawer cabinet offers value and top notch security for money. You can read more about these in our store.

Home filing & light use filing cabinets

For small filing, the Pierre Henry line is the most ideal. With filing cabinets ranging from one drawer, stackable, modular and portable units to four drawer filing cabinets, it promises something for everyone.

All these units are suitable for A4 files and combo units are available for both single and suspension file storage.

Everyday metal filing cabinets

When in need of a cabinet capable of heavy storage, the Sonix superior filing cabinet muscles into the picture. This heavyweight capable of handling 40kgs is fitted with anti tilt mechanisms, compressor plates and offers 100% drawer extension for complete viewing of files.

The recommended and modern Trexus filing cabinets offer small to large, standard to combo, light to heavy weight steel lockable cabinets. With anti tilt mechanism installed and a pocket friendly price,  we highly recommend these for use in a small office.

Quality assured filing cabinets backed with a manufacturer warranty

Most of the filing cabinets come with guarantee period ranging form 12 months to 10 years. This is meant to protect the buyer while guaranteeing the integrity and quality of the filing cabinets.

When purchasing the filing cabinets, it is important to assess the growth pattern of the amount of filing needs and its projection over time. This will enable you to buy a long serving filing cabinet that reduces the operational costs of office management.

Filing Cabinets Delivered Fast In Manchester

We have vans delivering all over Manchester every day and filing cabinets are now considered a relatively standard item. 
We can deliver to upper floors too, so hauling your cabinet up the stairs yourself wouldn’t be necessary.

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