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Leitz office stationery and products is one of the most popular brands sold in the UK. They are innovative and continuing to think ahead into what products today’s busy offices need.

Leitz are firm believers that working within a well designed and modern thinking office allows the company employees to work much better.
So why does Leitz believe that a well-designed office gives the office staff more focus?

Be on top with Leitz office supplies

At Leitz you will find office stationery with the additional value: Our premium, functional and well-designed products support you in your daily work.

Benefit from our vast expertise using our innovations: For over one hundred years, we have been developing stationery supplies for modern work environments – “engineered in Germany!”

Leitz stationery for up to date office management

Whether you work in an office or from home, your workplace will be set up modern and functional with Leitz office supplies.

Leitz Office Supplies 6From standard files to the Multicharger XL for smartphones and tablets, you can find everything in our portfolio that helps you work even more efficiently. Always maintain an overview – our magazine files and folders grant easy access to important work materials.

When multi-tasking with a phone, computer, tablet and smartphone, Leitz smart office supplies support you: desk stands provide a comfortable work setting on your desk, Bluetooth speakers guarantee crystal clear sounds during telephone conferences.

Leitz staplers at Octopus Office

Leitz staplers are renowned for their durability and reliability, making them a top choice for office professionals seeking long-lasting stationery solutions.
With a sleek and ergonomic design, the Leitz staplers seamlessly blend functionality with style, enhancing the overall workspace aesthetics.
Available in various models to suit different needs, Leitz staplers are a trusted companion for efficient document management in any office setting.

Leitz products for your office

Leitz offers a range of high-quality branded products designed for both home and corporate office environments, providing innovative solutions for organisation and productivity. Shop today, to improve your office space.

Leitz Staplers

Leitz Laminators

Leitz laminators exemplify cutting-edge technology in the realm of document protection and enhancement.
Renowned for their precision and user-friendly features, Leitz laminators ensure a seamless laminating experience, preserving important documents with a professional touch.
From compact models for personal use to heavy-duty options for high-volume environments, Leitz laminators cater to a diverse range of needs while adding a touch of sophistication to any office.

Leitz Laminators

Leitz Hole Punches

Leitz hole punches are an essential when it comes to office accessories. Helping keep create neatly aligned holes in your documents, so that they can be neatly organised. Shop our range of Leitz hole punches, whether you need a hole punch for 10 or 250 sheets of paper.

Leitz Hole punches

Your workplace in a briefcase: Stationery for your mobile office

With useful solutions from Leitz, mobile professionals are able to work at any place and at any time. Smartphones and tablets are always ready for use thanks to our small and light chargers. Everything you need on your travels or at business meetings fits into our resilient travelling bags. Files, office supplies, mobile devices and travel necessities can be stowed away neatly. Turn your office into your business card You are a structured professional and meet the highest requirements – this should be reflected in your office equipment as well! Leitz offers you a broad range of quality stationery supplies to organise your workspace. Discover our design lines in sophisticated or stylish colours, matching your corporate identity. Find more information here and order online!


Desk essentials designed with a purpose. All perfectly paired in unique dual colour optics, modern forms with thoughtful functions, such as sound boosting or inductive charging. Select your favourites from the new WOW desk accessories that are designed to reflect your personality and your style.


Active lever arch files with clever details and stylish finishing, scissors with a comfortable ergonomic grip in striking dual colour combinations, colourful storage boxes that are easy to collapse and to rebuild, and stapler & hole punch with patented functions – all in the most vibrant colours.

Why is design at work so important?

Design is playing a huge role in the evolution of office supplies and the workplace, although it is something we frequently take for granted or don’t really notice.

Design is everywhere we are.

Every part of our made environment has been designed. And in the case of workplaces and work materials, forever changing and Leitz office supplies are at the forefront.

Design is about problem-solving

The more easily, efficiently and aesthetically pleasing, the better. It will shape, positively or negatively, the way we work. How we interact with colleagues, how effective we are, how comfortable we are, how happy we are.


Looking for even more office essentials from Leitz office supplies in your favourite WOW colour?  Choose from our huge range of attractive, high-quality desk, filing and organisation products now.

Contact us or call us on 0161 429 8118 for your Leitz office supplies.

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Leitz Office Supplies

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Leitz Fundamentals Explained

With a mean of 1,800 hours of sunlight a calendar year, it’s the warmest as well. The upcoming possible shipping date is displayed during the internet order and within the purchase confirmation. Please also make sure that you check that the variety of parcels signed for matches the number in the delivery as disputes about the range of parcels can’t be entered into at a subsequent date.

Locations, where next day delivery isn’t available, will be shown at the shipping phase of the checkout process when you have entered your delivery postcode. In addition, there’s no spring bar to lose. Boxes for filing and archiving can be marked for simple identification, which makes it simple to locate files if you need them.

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Details of Leitz

Client satisfaction is of extreme value to us. All deliveries have to be signed for and the range of parcels have to be checked at the receipt of order. If delivery is required to another floor or delivery restrictions apply please get in touch with us before placing your order since there might be an extra charge. The courier utilized for the majority of orders is DPD.

Each one is truly different, representing a wide selection of fashions from fruity to more structured. Then the Leitz Bebop range is well suited for you. Consider it as there is an excellent scope for collecting.

Finally, the tool proved to be a two-part gifting of permissions. Should you need functionality along with a trendy look, you’re on the correct track with Leitz Bebop. Today you can possibly make a transaction for £10. As mentioned earlier, our business is principally bulk distribution, and we don’t sell retail. Every component of our made environment was designed. Today, modelling and simulation methods are getting to be highly accessible and inexpensive.


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