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Buy fax machine supplies from the experts based in Manchester.

Fax Machine Supplies Manchester

Octopus are stockists of  fax machines supplies for all major brands.

Fax Supplies For Your Machine

If you have a modern fax machine or an old model that is no longer made, we can generally supply the fax machine supplies for it.  Whether it is an old Panasonic fax that uses paper rolls, or a Samsung that needs an inkjet cartridge, we can usually source it for you.

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Fax Rolls

When fax machines first emerged and became popular in offices in the late 1980’s, they used thermal paper rolls.  Therefax roll were 2 standard widths of paper, either 210mm or 216mm wide.  There were 2 standard lengths too, those being 30m long and 100m.

The most popular fax machines at the time were Panasonic, Samsung NEC and Canon.  The lager machines would have a cutter to trim the sheets to A4 size as they were printed.  The smaller models would sometimes print the fax messages out in long strips and you would need to tear the paper off or trim it afterwards, if it was a multiple page fax.

Fax Rolls Supplied

210mm x 30m fax roll

210mm x 100m fax roll

216mm x 15m fax roll

Fax Cartridges – Inkjet

The early plain paper fax machines used inkjet technology.  This type of fax machine was basically an inkjet printer with a fax machine bolted onto it.  The plain paper fax machine made the thermal machines redundant as the paper was easier to handle and store and most importantly, it didn’t fade in the light.

Inkjet Fax Cartridges SuppliedSamsung Ink M40

Panasonic inkjet fax cartridge

Samsung inkjet fax cartridge

Philips inkjet fax cartridge

Canon inkjet fax cartridge

Fax Cartridges – Laser

Businesses that send and received many faxes per day opted for the laser fax.  It printed quicker and more often than not the modem was quicker too.  The laser cartridges printed many more pages than the inkjet variety and therefore made the fax machine supplies cheaper.  The toner was dry on the page immediately, where as inkjet could take a few seconds to completely dry meaning it could be placed in pockets or files immediately.

Laser Toner Cartridges Supplied

Panasonic fax toner cartridge

Samsung fax toner cartridge

Canon fax toner cartridge

Brother fax toner cartridge

Fax Cartridge – Ink Film

The Thermal transfer fax machines have the advantage of being very clean and you know exactly how many faxes you will get out of a cartridge.  The downside is that they are generally more expensive than laser fax machine supplies and they can be a little fiddly if you use the cheap refil cartridges.  Octopus supply the refils and original ink film rolls for thermal transfer faxes.

Philips Ink Film Rolls

Brother Ink Film Rolls

Need Fax Machine Supplies Fast?

If you need a cartridge or fax roll urgently, we have vans in and around Manchester and Cheshire every day.  We can deliver your cartridge to your door or you can reserve and collect it from our Stockport store.  Call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for assistance.

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