Pioneers in Bankers Storage Boxes, Laminators & Shredders

Fellowes has been a popular office equipment brand for over 100 years, but did you know it all started with a simple storage box idea? Nowadays you would find yourself hard-pressed not to find something in your office not manufactured by this massive office supplies brand. From storage boxes to archive files, laminators to binding machines, paper shredders to computer cleaning and supplies.

Fellowes – Where it all began.

The Fellowes brand began over 100 years ago back in 1917 by Harry Fellowes. The company was focused on storage boxes, in particular, their own brand of storage box, better known as the Bankers Box.

The Bankers Box Company was formed to offer various styles of storage and bankers boxes. By all accounts, Harry Fellowes stumbled across the idea by a chance meeting with a business owner who found himself called up to serve in the first world war.

Walter Nickle had come up with an innovative file storage box which was directed at banking institutions to hold various financial records.

Harry Fellowes realised this was going to be a fantastic opportunity and bought the business from Henry Nickle.

Mr Nickle came back from serving in WW1 just six months later – Harry Fellowes made him a minority shareholder in the newly formed Bankers Box Company.

fellowes original storage box poster ad

Bankers Box Advertisement

Liberty File Box

The LIBERTY file box

Harry Fellowes was very much kept up with the times and the general feeling of the country and named his file box, Liberty.

He worked hard to build the brand, including advertisements in magazines and newspapers which included giving free samples by post. As long as they returned it with the associated coupon.

The Banker Box Company brand grew and grew based on the popularity of the Liberty file box.

So much so that instead of selling his boxes directly to the banks and financial institutions, he got involved more with the growing number of office supplies companies.

The Growth of the Bankers Box Company

Throughout the 1930s business was booming, the Bankers Box Company went from a local independent dealer through to a National manufacturer.

After the second world war Harry Fellowes two sons, Folger & John joined the company. This began the transition to the next generation of Fellowes.

From The Bankers Box Company to Fellowes

By the 1980s, the Bankers Box Company were starting to manufacturer a diverse amount of products, with many more on the horizon. By this point, The Bankers Box brand name didn’t really fit the vision of the company.

It was decided the new brand would be The Fellowes Manufacturing Company. The Bankers Box brand was of course retained.

Over the coming years, Fellowes would move into other areas of products such as paper shredders, laminators, binding machines, trimmers, guillotines and computer supplies.

liberty file filing bankers storage box

Early Bankers Box Advertising

fellowes storage boxes

Fellowes 725 Bankers Box

Fellowes Storage Boxes

As the market leader in storage boxes, Fellowes bankers boxes and storage range of products can keep you and your documents highly organised. With over 100 years of experience in developing the perfect storage box, they are designed and developed to be strong and very durable.

The range of Fellowes Bankers Boxes are perfect for moving your files and documents from one place to another. It built in mind that if the stronger the storage box it will deal with more ongoing use.

Overall, using Fellowes storage boxes – you can’t go wrong! The original and still the best.

Fellowes Paper Shredders

Fellowes paper shredders came into full manufacturer in the 1990s – Fellowes released the Fellowes P30 & P50 in 1990, the Worlds first personal shredder. They haven’t looked back since, and still continue to be innovative with new and exciting personal, home, office and heavy duty shredders each year.

One of the biggest reasons to choose a paper shredder for your home or business is to protect yourself or your company from identity fraud. It is so important when choosing a paper shredder is to get the right one to suit your needs.

When doing so you need to ask yourself a few questions to determine what shredder you need.

Where is my paper shredder going to be used?

This will determine whether you require a low, medium or heavy duty shredder.

How much security do I need?

This can also relate to whether a strip cut shredder (ribbon cut) or a crosscut shredder (confetti cut) is needed.

Are there any add-ons or special features that I need?

Maybe you need a shredder that will process a full ream of paper without you feeding your paper shredder a few sheets at a time.

Overall, there are many Fellowes shredders that will suit your requirements and with Fellowes being one of the leading brands of paper shredders you won’t go wrong.

Fellowes Autofeed shredder

Fellowes Auto Feed Paper Shredder

Fellowes paper shredder
Fellowes Binding Machines

Fellowes Binding Machines

Fellowes binding machines were introduced to their range back in 1998. Since then they have stayed as a main part of the Fellowes offerings.

Their general binding machines include comb binding, wire binding and wire binding machines.

With the range of Fellowes binding machines, you can really make a great impression. There’s a binder to suit every situation. Perfect for binding up to 500 sheets for meetings, conferences and reports.

Fellowes Comb Binding Machines

Presentation is and always has been a massive part of any company. To have the ability to bind your own presentations in-house has made this so much easier.

Using Fellowes comb binders allows you the opportunity to bind documents using Fellowes plastic combs of up to and including 500 pages. Perfect for any professional presentation.

With Fellowes comb binders you can create professional looking reports and documents of up to 500 pages.

Create your desired impression with Fellowes comb binding machines for all in-house presentation projects.

Fellowes 2
Fellowes Wire Binding Machines

Fellowes Wire Binding Machines

The Fellowes wire binding option is similar to the comb binding. The bindings are made of metal and allow you to bind up to and including 120 pages. These offer a highly professional finish to pass to your clients.

Fellowes wire binders are hardwearing and simple to use offering that professional finish to any presentation or report.

Overall, a wire binder is an essential binding machine for any business looking to get across the right image.

Fellowes Thermal Binding Machines

Fellowes thermal binding covers allow you to bind up to 600 pages. These pages are not punched but held in a strong glue within the spine of the thermal binding cover. Perfect for heavy use.

Again, another professional finish from a high-quality Fellowes branded binding machine.

Using a Fellowes thermal binder will offer you the perfect company image. The thermal binding machines give a polished book-like high-quality finish. It will allow you to bind together many pages and is ideal for any medium to heavy duty job.

Fellowes 3
Fellowes Pouch Laminators

Fellowes Laminators

Fellowes laminating machines were developed to protect documents or any printed matter from dirt, moisture or water.

Ideal for certificates, notices or any report or document that needs protecting from fingerprints or the elements.

Fellowes laminators are available in various sizes including A4, A3 as well as ID pouch laminators. These are perfect to create ID badges for seminars or conferences.

Pouch laminators are also available in light to medium duty which are perfect for the home or office, as well as more heavy duty machines which are perfect for more demanding laminating jobs.


As we all know the Fellowes brand is not limited to the products listed above. There range spans right across the office supplies range and through into the digital age.

Fellowes 4From the humble beginnings from a simple idea of a storage box, also known as bankers box through to offering core machines, filing and furniture products that no office can work without. It’s safe to say Harry Fellowes and the Fellowes family through the years had the vision and foresight to create an office brand with an interesting history and a terrific future.

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