Octopus supply a massive envelope range for business use.  Free same day delivery in Manchester of our stocked envelope lines.

Our Envelope Range

Octopus supply a massive range of envelopes, from small brown wage envelope up to the C3 heavy gauge manilla pocket envelope that will accept A3 paper.  For assistance, please call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.

A Guide To Envelope Sizes DL, C6, C5 & C4 10
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DL Business Envelopes

Our most popular size of envelopes are the DL size, which is 110x220mm (approx 4.24 x 8.5 inches).  This is designed for A4 paper folded into 3 and most commonly has a window for the recipients address to show through.  The DL envelope is often used for sending invoices and statements as they are the cheapest to post.

C5 EnvelopeEnvelopes

The next size up is the C5 envelope, this size is used for either A5 paper to be inserted flat, but more commonly for A4 paper folded in half.  These again are available with a window and are available in brown or white.  This size envelope is popular due to it being small enough to be economical with the royal mail.  It is the largest size that can be posted as a standard letter as long as it is not more than 5mm thick or over 100g.

C4 Envelope

The C4 envelope is made to accept A4 paper inserted flat or A3 paper folded in half.  C4 envelopes are available in several formats for different uses.  The most common is standard medium weight manilla, but there is a heavyweight manilla which may be used for heavier items like brochures or thin catalogues.  The white C4 envelope is more commonly used for sales applications and they come in standard 90gsm, however, there is also a 100 or 120gsm quality for a more impressive mailing.

Being 324 x 229mm, the C4 envelope is the largest size in the ‘Large Letter’ classification by Royal Mail.  As long as it is less than 25mm thick and weighs no mor than 750g, it can be sent as Large Letter.

C3 Envelope

Our largest standard envelope is the C3 heavyweight envelope which is designed for A3 paper.  This envelope is made from very strong manilla due to the heavy contents that they are generally used for.  The most common C3 envelope that we supply is the New Guardian 457x324mm envelope.

Plastic Envelope

The plastic envelope is available in many sizes from C5 up to a massive mail order envelope that is used for clothing of very bulky items.  They do not protect the contents from knocks and bangs, but they do offer protection from rain and water.

Envelopes Same Day

Octopus is able to deliver your envelope anywhere in the UK next day, however, we can offer same day delivery in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area from our distribution centre in Stockport.

Call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for help and advice on the correct envelopes for the job.

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Need a Guide to the Correct Size Envelope?

If you are unsure of the cost to post an item in the UK.  Check out Royal Mail for sizing information.

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