Pigeon Hole Storage

Pigeon hole storage for your offices

Office pigeon holes are designed to make the best use of space in a business building, and can be custom fit to suit most available areas. What’s more, pigeon hole storage will suit any style of décor. Use them to store papers, magazines, post and other small items. In short, pigeon holes are smart-looking, flexible, simple and hassle-free storage solutions requiring almost zero maintenance.

If you have a complex organisation with many staff, pigeon hole shelving is a fast, efficient way of distributing mail and any other paperwork across the building.

Long-lasting pigeon hole shelving tends to come in wood or metal, so it’s incredibly hardwearing – and once it’s in place, it’s there to stay.

At Octopus Office Products, we have the buying heft to provide pigeon hole office shelving at competitive prices to suit any budget.

  • Steel pigeon hole cabinet

Our durable Verspak mailsorter features 24 slots 10″ wide x 7″ high and 15″ deep. Free up precious floor space by standing this unit on a desk or storage unit. Buy extra cubby holes for this flexible pigeon hole cabinet in sets of six if you need them.

  • Freestanding pigeon hole office shelving

This storage solution could be absolutely right for your mailroom. It’s a freestanding pigeon hole cabinet made from high-quality materials in beech, grey, white or oak – plus this pigeon hole shelving comes with a two-year guarantee. Create up to 44 slots per bay, and add as many bays as you like.

Call our sales office if you would like help with installation of this pigeon hole storage, or advice on how to make the best use of your available office space.

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  • Literature sorter

We have another option for a more lightweight pigeon hole storage solution, with units made of melamine laminated particle board. This self-assembly pigeon hole shelving comes with 24, 36 or 72 compartments, with labels for easy organisation.

  • Paperflow mail sorters

If you don’t fancy putting your own pigeon hole shelving together, we have the answer. Our ready-assembled mail sorters have 24 or 36 cubby holes and again come with labels for simple identification.

Need pigeon hole storage for your office in a hurry?

If you’re looking for pigeon hole storage solutions in Manchester, make us your first port of call. We can deliver your pigeon hole system to your business in the city quickly and ready assembled. (Alternatively, collect from us in Stockport.) Call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for further assistance and advice.

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