Ricoh Toner Cartridge

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Ricoh Toner

Whether it is an old Ricoh photocopier or a state of the art multi-function printer, Octopus can supply your Ricoh toner cartridge.

Ricoh Mono Laser Printers

The range of Ricoh mono printers kicks off with the P502 laser printer.  It is a pure single use printer, but is pretty fast at 43 pages per minute.  The toner cartridge for this printer is the 418127 model.

Ricoh Colour Laser Printers

The Ricoh P C600 colour laser printer is also fast and is ideal as a work group printer serving several people or a whole department.  It’s 1200dpi print quality means images are clean and crisp and it can power through 40 pages per minute too.  Labels and envelopes can be taken care of easily too.  The toners for this machine are 408314 (black), 408315 (cyan), 408316 (magenta) and 408317 (yellow).

Rocoh All In One Printers

As all in one printers go, the IM C4500 is a popular model.  Fast at 45 pages per minute and also capable of printing A3 size documents, makes this printer extremely useful in the modern office.  There are add-ons available too in the form of stapler, punching and folding options, meaning that publishing manuals or booklets can be created in-house.  The toner cartridges for this printer are 842283 (black), 842286 (cyan), 842285 (magenta) and 842284 (yellow).

Other Ricoh Toner Cartridges Available in the Ricoh range.

Ricoh toner 405535 GC21Y Yellow Gel Ink 1K
Ricoh toner cartridge 405688 GC31K Black Gel Ink 1.92K
Ricoh toner cartridge 405689 GC31C Cyan Gel Ink 1.92K
Ricoh toner cartridge 405690 GC31M Magenta Gel Ink 1.56K
Ricoh toner cartridge 405691 GC31Y Yellow Gel Ink 1.56K
Ricoh 405761 GC41K Black Gel Ink 2.5K
Ricoh 405762 GC41C Cyan Gel In k2.2K
Ricoh 405763 GC41M Magenta Gel Ink 2.2K
Ricoh 405764 GC41Y Yellow Gel Ink 2.2K
Ricoh 405765 GC41KL Black Gel Ink 600
Ricoh 405766 GC41CL Cyan Gel Ink 600
Ricoh 405767 GC41ML Magenta Gel Ink 600
Ricoh 405768 GC41YL Yellow Gel Ink 600
Ricoh 405783 IC41 Ink Collector Unit 27K
Ricoh 406043 220 Waste Toner Box 25K
Ricoh toner cartridge 406094 C220E Black Toner 2.3K
Ricoh toner cartridge 406097 C220E Cyan Toner 2K
Ricoh toner cartridge 406099 C220E Magenta Toner 2K
Ricoh toner cartridge 406106 C220E Yellow Toner 2K
Ricoh 406348 C310E Black Toner 2.5K
Ricoh 406349 C310E Cyan Toner 2.5K
Ricoh 406350 C310E Magenta Toner 2.5K
Ricoh 406351 C310E Yellow Toner 2.5K
Ricoh printer cartridge 406479 C310E Black Toner 6.5K
Ricoh printer cartridge 406480 C310E Cyan Toner 6K
Ricoh printer cartridge 406481 C310E Magenta Toner 6K
Ricoh printer cartridge 406482 C310E Yellow Toner 6K
Ricoh 406522 3400HE Black Toner 5K
Ricoh 406464 3400LE Black Toner 2.5K
Ricoh 406837 1200E Black Toner 2.6K
Ricoh 406990 3500XE Black Toner 6.4K
Ricoh 407166 100LE Black Toner 1.2K
Ricoh 407246 311HE Black Toner 3.5K
Ricoh 407249 311LE Black Toner 2K
Ricoh 407254 201HE Black Toner 2.6K
Ricoh 407999 201E Black Toner 1K
Ricoh 407324 SP4500 Drum Unit 20K
Ricoh 407340 4500E Black Toner 6K
Ricoh cartridge 407531 C252E Black Toner 4.5K
Ricoh cartridge 407532 C252E Cyan Toner 4K
Ricoh cartridge 407533 C252E Magenta Toner 4K
Ricoh cartridge 407534 C252E Yellow Toner 4K
Ricoh 407543 C250E Black Toner 2K
Ricoh cartridge 407544 C252E Cyan Toner 1.6K
Ricoh cartridge 407545 C252E Magenta Toner 1.6K
Ricoh cartridge 407546 C252E Yellow Toner 1.6K
Ricoh cartridge 407716 C252E Black Toner 6.5K
Ricoh cartridge 407717 C252E Cyan Toner 6K
Ricoh cartridge 407718 C252E Magenta Toner 6K
Ricoh 407719 C252E Yellow Toner 6K
Ricoh 841595 C305E Cyan Toner 4K
Ricoh 841566 C305E Magenta Toner 4K
Ricoh 841597 C305E Yellow Toner 4K
Ricoh 841618 C305E Black Toner 12K
Ricoh 841651 C3502E Black Toner 28K
Ricoh printer cartridge 842095 C306 Black Toner 17K
Ricoh printer cartridge 842096 C306 Cyan Toner 6K
Ricoh printer cartridge 842097 C306 Magenta Toner 6K
Ricoh printer cartridge 842098 C306 Yellow Toner 6K
Ricoh 842030 C3000E Black Toner 20K
Ricoh toner 842015 1230D Black Toner 9K
Ricoh toner 842042 2220D Black Toner 11K
Ricoh toner 842024 1270D Black Toner 7K

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