Office Cleaning & Sanitising Products

Octopus supply a range of cleaning supplies and products to help keep your business, vehicle or home germ free.

Office Sanitising Products

Office Cleaning Products

Sanitising Wipes

We stock a range of sanitising wipes to wipe down equipment and other surfaces around the office, vehicle and home. 
Several brands are stocked, from Flash, Dettol, Purell as well as the great value 5 Star brand.  5 Star supply sanitising wipes in larger containers that are best suited to the office environment.  These dispensers and drums contain from 150 wipes up to 1500 wipes making them cost effective for larger offices.

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Hand Cleaners

Hand Wash For Offices

Hand Sanitiser

Octopus Office supply cleaning and sanitary supplies including hand wash for offices.
Since the coronavirus pandemic, our office supplies customers have found it easier to get hand wash and sanitising gel from us. 
We offer a huge choice of hand wash from Carex, Baylis & Harding, Dove and of course the 5 Star brand. 
Until the outbreak of coronavirus, we generally supplied hand wash in small 500ml dispensers, however more companies now see the benefit of buying larger 5 litre bottles and refilling their bottles.  One good thing that came out of the shortages of hand wash is people refilling bottles!

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Hand Sanitiser For Offices 

Hand sanitiser was used by very few people until the appearance of coronavirus.
At Octopus Office supplies, we want to ensure we can provide all the essentials that an office may need, that’s why we offer sanitising hand gel in 500ml dispensers for the desk or reception area or pocket pump sprays in 50ml size that are great for on the move in a handbag or pocket.


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Office Cleaning Sprays

Anti-bacterial sprays can help keep germs and viruses from contaminating surfaces and then passing to us. 
We stock several of the main brands from Flash, Dettol, Maxima and again the 5 Star cost effective brand. 
The anti-bacterial sprays can be used in kitchens, bathrooms or even on desks and some office equipment to help stop the viruses and germs from passing between people.

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Cloths and Towels for Office use

Blue Centrefeed Roll

Hand towels and cleaning cloths are used in most businesses to keep hands and surfaces clean.  Blue centrefeed rolls have become a common sight in most offices due to their ease of use and being disposable, thus more hygienic.  Octopus supply hand towels for most makes of towel dispenser, including Tork, Kleenex, Scott

 and of course 5 Star. 
People often use blue roll with other office cleaning products to keep their offices free from old cloths that could become contaminated.

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Bleach for Offices

Bleach is still widely used to kill germs and keep washrooms and kitchens clean.  We supply the major brands of bleach such as Domestos, Maxima, Harpic and again 5 Star.  Bleach comes in several forms and is present in other cleaning products too.

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Disposable Gloves and PPE for Offices and Businesses

Blue Nitrile Gloves

The use of disposable gloves has also increased with the appearance of coronavirus. 
Blue Nitrile gloves have become a common sight with delivery drivers, shop workers and even people going about their normal everyday lives in public.
The gloves that Octopus supply come in varying qualities. 
Strong rubber gloves that can be used in kitchens, to thin cost effective latex gloves that can be disposed of after each application.

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Free Delivery In Greater Manchester and Stockport

Get your office cleaning products delivered with your office supplies or collect from our store in south Manchester. 
Most of our customers buy their cleaning and sanitising products with the office supplies that they use, meaning that they have just one delivery.

We offer free delivery in Greater Manchester using our own vehicles and delivery staff. 
Collection can also me made from our store in Stockport and of course, we do not charge for collections of any size.
Contact us today or call us to order your cleaning and sanitising products.

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