Octopus Office is your local supplier of 5 Star stationery products.

Based in Stockport, we’re able to deliver 5 Star office stationery products quickly across Stockport, Manchester and beyond and into Cheshire and Lancashire.

5 Star Stationery Products

5 Star makes a huge range of stationery and office products from air fresheners to storage boxes.  Almost every type of office accessory you can think of probably has a 5 Star alternative.

Some of the most popular products are pens, books, labels, dividers, tape, envelopes, clips, folders, punches, staplers, rubber bands, pockets, scissors and cleaning supplies.

5 Star Books & Pads

The books and pads manufactured by 5 Star are more popular than their branded rival.  The cost is certainly a factor as the 5 Star books and pads are probably less than half the cost.

The books are available in spiral or casebound and are made in A5 and A4 sizes.  The notebooks are soft covered and also come in A4 and A5 size.

Sticky notes are also a big seller in the 5 Star brand. The standard yellow notes are by far the most popular too.

5 Star Computer Cleaning Kit

5 Star Ball Pens & Markers

5 Star ball pens are great for businesses that go through pens quickly.  If your company use a lot of pens out on the road, they will undoubtedly lose some, it just happens!  Therefore it makes sense to lose a cheaper pen than a more expensive alternative.

The same applies to marker pens, there is no point in buying branded markers if they go missing before they run out.

Ball point pens are just one example of our popular range of 5 Star stationery products we have available.

5 star ballpoint ball pens

5 STAR Envelopes

There is a huge range of sizes in the 5 Star range of envelopes. Starting at the tiny brown wage envelope up to the giant C3 heavyweight envelope.

5 star Expanding Envelopes

If you need to send bulkier documents in the post, the 5 Star expanding envelopes are ideal.  They have an expanding gusset of 25mm and are made from 115gsm basket weave manilla.

5 star Board Backed Envelopes

Businesses that send photographs or certificates in the post can use the 5 Star ‘DO NOT BEND’ envelopes.  They are made using a thick grey board and 115gsm basket weave manilla. This will help protect the documents from some of the bumps and knocks they can receive in the post.

Octopus Office Supplies is your local supplier of 5 Star stationery products. Based in Greater Manchester, we are able to deliver 5 Star products quickly all over the city centre and beyond into both Cheshire and Lancashire. 5 Star Stationery Products 5 Star makes a huge range of stationery and office products from air fresheners to storage boxes. Almost every type of office accessory you can think of probably has a 5 Star alternative.

5 Star Labels

5 Star makes a broad range of labels for various uses. The A4 laser / inkjet labels are available in a selection of sizes from the smallest 65 per sheet to the largest 1 per sheet. Other types of label include lever arch file spine labels and address labels on a roll, so they cover most bases.

5 Star Filing Products

The 5 Star range of filing products it endless.  There is a huge range of square cut folders, transfer spring files and document wallets.  Other products include dividers, which come in a huge variety too.  The low-cost cardboard type to the premium mylar tabbed numbered dividers means there is something for most filing jobs.

5 Star Labels

5 STAR Diaries & Planners

5 Star Diaries

A4 Day to a page or A5 week to view, 5 Star has it covered with their range of diaries. They all have a ribbon marker and the useful information in the front.  Each size of the diary is available in the standard colours of black, navy blue and a deep red

There is also a range of Academic diaries that includes A4 and A5 in both days per page and week to view.  You can have any colour you like in this range, as long as it is black!

5 Star Planners

Year planners, staff planners and holiday planners from 5 Star far outweigh the branded sales these days.  They are virtually identical but cost a fraction of the price.  Each planner comes with a selection of stickers and a pen to mark the holidays and sick days off.

2 Days To A Page Office Diary

5 star Desk Accessories

The majority of staplers and punches that we supply these days are 5 Star.  They make a good selection of different sizes and capabilities, so there is something for all departments.  When a business orders things such as letter trays, paper clips or treasury tags, it is virtually automatic to deliver a 5 Star product.  They have become so popular over the last 15 years or so there is not much choice left.

5 star Cleaning Supplies

Whether it is cleaning hands, surfaces or computer screens, 5 Star can help get stuff spotless.

Washroom Supplies

They make a good range of paper towels, centre feed rolls and of course the dispensers to put them in.  Also available are the hand wash liquids and dispensers for that too, so your whole bathroom furnished with 5 Star supplies.5 Star Stationery Products

Computer Cleaning

If your computer screen is dusty or your keyboard filthy, one of the 5 star range of computer cleaning products will get it clean.  There are sachets or tubs depending on your preference including.

5 Star Stationery Products 1



The range ink inkjet cartridges from 5 Star covers brands such as Brother, Canon, Epson and HP.  They make a small range of the more popular cartridges, but the savings on them can be enormous.


The 5 Star toner cartridge range is limited to a few brands, which includes Brother, Canon, HP, Lexmark, and Samsung. Again, they only make the more popular models, but big savings can be made.

An ever-increasing PRINTER range

Our range of 5 star printer cartridges is constantly increasing with new cartridges added on a regular basis. This also applies to the full range of 5 Star stationery products too.

Contact us if you’d like to order on the phone.

5 Star Printer Ink Cartridges

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