The importance of posture improvement has never greater.

Ergonomics help posture improvement during hours spent at the desk as we don’t realise the way we sit and move around.

This can cause issues later on in life.  Outside of work we often try to do as much as we can to improve our lifestyle.

This includes eating habits and emotions so why would we let this fall during our most crucial daytime hours?

Ergonomic office products

Ergonomic Office Products

From posture chair supports, footrests, wrist rests and more

Below, we have put together a few simple examples that could make a huge impact on your efficiency in the working environment.

Whether it be working from home or in a busy office, we suggest you read on.

Reducing Eye & Neck Strain

Staring at a computer screen for long periods can cause strain on the eyes and even neck ache if the computer screen is not positioned properly.

Fellowes Monitor Riser
The popular Fellowes Monitor Riser

Placing the monitor on top of a riser will allow you to stare directly towards the screen without damaging your posture.

Fellowes Premium Monitor comes with 5 height adjustment poles enabling movement of the monitor and maximising comfort.  You want to make sure that the screen is positioned slightly below eye level.

We understand that adding a bulky accessory to your desk may take up room, especially if you like to keep your desk tidy.  You should be doing this anyway, so included is a 51cm storage drawer and built-in copy holder.

Oh and also, we advise that you sit approximately 500mm to 850mm away from your screen.  Adjustment of the glare filter on your screen so there isn’t too much pressure on your eyes.

Posture Improvement Within Your Spine

You want to make sure your back and shoulders are in a neutral and relaxed position whilst typing and moving around at your desk.

Office Chair Back Support
Fellowes Back Support

Slouching with your shoulders shrugged and leaning forward is a common habit that we all do without realising.  You’re probably doing now and I admit I’m doing it right now, or I was!  We do this because we find it an easy comfortable position.

The future damage it’s causing to your spine and posture is really not worth it.  Experts have found that half of adults now suffer from back pain and a third have suffered from the condition for more than 10 years.  Fellowes makes a range of back supports that have different features and materials.

These are designed specifically for posture improvement, that mould to your body’s natural curvature. Fellowes Professional Series is our customers top choice as the mesh fabric allows air to circulate and it has an adjustable memory foam lumbar support.

Positioning Your Lower Body The Correct Way

How you position your feet and legs is also a factor that will make an impact on your spine and posture.

posture improvement
Posture Improvement

Again, it is extremely common for people to dangle their feet if the chair is too high or cross their feet if the chair is too low. This can make you sink into your chair, causing your spine to curve and pelvis to tuck backwards.

Allowing posture improvement, make sure your legs are parallel to your feet and your knees are bent at a 90 degrees angle.

Ergonomics such as a footrest is mega handy as you can alter the height of the footrest.  This allows your feet to firmly rest on top preventing the rest of your body to curve.

Fellowes Standard Footrest textured surface massages soles of the feet to relieve tension.  In addition their free-floating platforms allow legs to stretch for increased circulation.

Hand And Arm Positioning

Posture improvement will also depend on how your wrists work when typing on a keyboard or moving the mouse.

Especially during busy hours rushing to get jobs done. Place your keyboard at elbow length to allow your upper arm to relax and avoid tension or cramp.

Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Support
Wrist Rest & Mouse Support

This rule also applies to when using a mouse. Avoid resting your palms and wrists on any surface whilst typing.

If you need to, rest them on a wrist support but only do this when taking a break. We advise that you take a break every 10-15 minutes.

Wrist supports reduce force whilst striking keys. Fellowes Crystal Mouse Mat Pad and Keyboard Wrist Pad provide soothing support while redistributing pressure points.

They are available in Black for a monochrome, sophisticated touch.  There is also a blue option to add some colour to your desktop.

For more information on how our ergonomic products help posture improvement or to discover more styles, please visit our website or call us on 0161 429 8118 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you with any queries.

We also offer fast free delivery to areas around Manchester and Cheshire.

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