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In this article we will look at the pros and cons of whether to buy office supplies locally rather than opting one of the larger national office supplies companies. No matter which office supplies company you decide to buy your office equipment from you will find that it always boils down to the same three reasons – price, service and quality.


Local Office SuppliesIt is commonly reported on through the media that price wars are as aggressive as ever.  The supermarkets are undercutting each other to try to gain a little more market share.  They do this through clever advertising, 2 for 1 deals, promotions and special offers.  However, the fact remains that they have to make a profit.  No supermarket or office supplies company for that matter, is going to give anything away without having a clear game plan in place of how to offset their losses.

The usual sales process for national office supply companies is to have their top 500 or so lines of office stationery at heavily reduced prices.  They then have the less frequently sold items with little or no discount at all.  Whereas, a local office supplies company such as Octopus Office spend their time to tailor your requirements and the products you order regularly.  This ensures that you get a great deal on the whole of your office equipment not just your chosen few.

It’s very easy to be comfortable buying from a national stationery company who shower you with gifts each time you order.  Bear in mind these gifts are not free, they come at a price. The cost will be made up in the orders that you place.


There is nothing worse than using budget or cheap office supplies.  A pen that won’t see out the week, files and folders that start to look shabby after a short time in a filing cabinet.  An office chair that looks extremely worse for wear in just a few months. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. When you buy from Octopus Office the office products you receive are ALL extremely high quality.  They are not sourced from the other side of the world at a very low purchase price. Yes, Octopus Office does offer a budget range, but there is certainly nothing cheap about the quality of the office products. The only thing that is cheap is the price. The quality is not affected as they are simply white label items and more often than not they are also manufactured by the popular brands that you recognise including Rexel, Bisley and Collins.


Buying your office supplies from a locally based stationery company such as Octopus Office means that you can enjoy superior customer service.  The type of service that the other larger office supplies companies would find it impossible to match. Mike Bevan and his team literally go that extra mile to ensure that your whole shopping experience is second to none. From the point of ordering, to the delivery of your goods and more importantly through to the after sales service if anything goes wrong.

If you are based in Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire or the surround areas and have yet to try Octopus Office give them a call and see what they can do for you.

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