Credit Card Paper Rolls

Credit Card Paper Rolls

 If you need paper rolls for your credit card machine, Octopus stock all of the different sizes available.

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Portable Credit Card Terminal

If you use a portable credit card terminal, it will generally use a 57mm wide paper roll.  The most popular of which have a diameter of 33mm or 57x55mm thermal-roll40mm.  We stock this size and are able to deliver all over the UK the next day or even the same day in the Greater Manchester area.

Traditional Credit Card Machine

The original credit card machines had the capacity to take a credit card roll that was 57mm in diameter.  These are still available and Octopus again are a stockist.  We supply these in boxes of 20, however we can supply them to businesses in smaller quantities where they don’t use as many.

Hand Held Terminal

Restaurants often use a credit card machine at the table when customers are paying for their meal.  These can use a 57mm credit card paper rolls with a diameter of 30mm or less.  Octopus stock these also and can deliver them all over the UK.

Credit Card Rolls The Same Day

If you need credit card paper rolls urgently, we can deliver all over Greater Manchester the same day from our warehouse in Stockport.

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