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Epson Printer Cartridges

Epson are one of the leaders in colour inkjet printers and have some of the most sophisticated printers.  They produce fantastic results and it is mostly down to the inks that they use.

Epson make inkjet and laser printers, however over recent years we have sold more ink cartridges than laser toners and it is growing year on year.

Epson Stylus Printer Supplies

The Epson Stylus inkjet printer was amongst the first to print colour and the cartridges used to contain all 3 colours of the ink (cyan, magenta and yellow).  These days they are almost all individual colours such as cyan, magenta and yellow as well as light magenta and light cyan.  There are also some printers that accept 9 ink cartridges including light black, light light black and matt black.

The main models in the Epson Inkjet ranges are Stylus, Stylus Photo, Stylus Pro, Workforce, and Workforce Pro.  Octopus stock many of these cartridges and those that we don’t actually stock can be ordered for next day or same day delivery.

Epson High Capacity Cartridges

Most Epson cartridges have several capacities for the same machines.  This is because if you are a low user, your cartridges may stay in the printer too long and dry up.  Similarly if you do a lot of printing, then you can use high capacity cartridges for greater efficiency.

Epson Animal Cartridges

Almost all Epson cartridges have pictures of animals, plants or iconic places on the outer packaging.  The R2880 for example takes a T09614010 black cartridge and this has a picture of a husky on the packaging.  The Workforce Pro WP4025DW, WP4535DWF and WP4545DTWF take 3 different ink capacities.  The high capacity (pyramid) cartridge, the medium capacity (Eiffel Tower) cartridge and finally the low capacity (Big Ben) inks.  The latter Epson cartridges are designed for the moderate user.

Epson Toner Cartridges In Manchester

Octopus can supply Epson toner cartridges in Manchester the same day day on stock lines.  If you require a same day delivery, please contact our sales office on 0161 429 8118 to arrange your delivery.

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