Visitors Book For Your Office, Hotel, Pub, School or Factory

Visitors Book

Visitors Book

Octopus supply a range of visitors books for use in various types of businesses.  There are bound books with a classic feel or loose leaf binders that are cost effective.

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Visitors Book For Track and Trace

Do you require a book to record the visitors to your bar, hotel, pub or venue.  We stock a wide range of books with different headings, so that you can gather the information that your particular industry needs.  Our standard visitors book VISBOOKBN has several columns including DATE, NAME, ADDRESS, CAR REG, PHONE NUMBER.  It also has fields for other information such as PERSON VISITED, TIME IN and OUT, which may help you track who the visitor was in contact with.

Collins Visitors Book

Collins books are classic style books that is bound with a quality hard wearing leathergrain cover.  It has basic columns such as date, name and address, which may be best suited to a hotel, guest house or bed & breakfast.  There are also 2 plain columns that can be used for various details such as vehicle registration, nationality or some other reference.

The Collins book has 192 pages made from quality off white loose-leaf-binderpaper and is just smaller than A4 at 254x203mm.  The books come in 3 colours, those being blue, burgundy or black with a gold embossed ‘Visitors Book’ on the front cover.

Guildhall Loose Leaf Book

The Guildhall loose leaf visitors book is designed for the busy office reception.  It is a cost effective way to keep track of visitors and employees entering and leaving the premises.  It has a comprehensive list of columns that includes Date, Time In, Time Out, Badge No, Name, Company, To See and Car Registration.

The ring binder itself is A4 landscape format and is made from a soft blue PVC with brass coloured corners.  It has 3 rings to hold the pages, which can be removed and filed away when full.  This allows records to be kept secure for future reference and the binder will not get too full.  Replacement refils can be purchased at a cost much less than the original binder.

Concord Loose Leaf Visitors Book

The Concord loose leaf visitors binder is also useful in a busy office reception.  It has 20 entries per page and like the Guildhall book is an A4 landscape format.  The binder itself is manufactured from a padded black PVC and has 3 rings to hold thedurable 568412 A4 sheets securely.  Each binder can comfortably hold 50 sheets of visitor refil sheets and each sheet has a reinforced strip for durability.

Durable Visitors Book With Badge Inserts

The durable visitors book has inserts that when filled in can be inserted into a name badge.  The duplicate copy that remains the book is concealed to keep visitors information private.  Each book comes with a refil that has 300 inserts included and replacement refils can be purchased.

Visitors Book In Manchester

Being based in the Manchester area, we are able to deliver in our local area very quickly.  We carry stock of the Collins, Guildhall and Concord books, so are able to deliver the same day if required.

What Do You Need To Do During The Covid Outbreak?

If you run a bar, restaurant, hotel or cafe you are required to collect the contact details of customers who visit your premises.  You need to collect the name of the person (lead member if it is a group of up to 6 people).  A contact phone number must be obtained (again for the lead member, if it is a group of up to 6 people).

Click here for more information on what you need to do.

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