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Keep your office memos visible with a new notice board!

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Notice boards can be used for lots of different uses, whether it is in the reception to welcome visitors, the boardroom to show off your products or the canteen for staff information and there are lots of sizes and styles available.

Cork Notice Boards

A cork notice board is the original type of board as the make-up of the board is such that it has natural self healing properties, so that when pins are pulled out the holes seal up immediately.  Cork notice boards can come with an oak or aluminium frame and are general available in 900 x 600mm  (3 x 2 foot)or 1200 x 900mm (4 x 3 foot).  Notice boards made of cork are manufactured by companies such as Nobo and 5 Star, however Bi-Office make cork effect noticeboards from 100% post consumer waste.

Felt Covered Notice Boards

A felt covered notice board is generally made from chipboard and covered with coloured felt.  There are several standard colours available including blue, red, green and grey, however other colours are available by special order.  There are more sizes of the felt covered boards, as they are available in up to 1800 x 1200mm (6 x 4 foot) and come with either an oak frame or aluminium frame.  Manufactured by companies such as Nobo, Bi-Office and the economical 5 Star brand.

Magnetic Notice Boards

The magnetic notice board used to be available in either white or white!  However there are now designer magnetic noticeboards that can be used in homes or offices alike.  The Artverum range of magnetic boards are made of high quality tempered glass, so have a smooth surface.  There are 2 finishes that Octopus can supply, either slate effect or concrete effect.  Artverum boards can also be written on with a dry wipe marker and wiped clean.  The boards come complete with extra strong magnets and mounting kits.  2 sizes of board are available, either 480 x 480mm (approx 19 x 19″) or 910 x 460mm (36 x 18″).

Designer Magnetic Glass Boards

Sigel make a range of very stylish magnetic notice board that are available in black, white or deep red.  They come in several sizes 480 x 480mm (19 x 19″), 780 x 480mm ( 30 x 19″) or the largest 1000 x 650mm ( 39 x 25″) and are supplied with 4 or 8 designer magnet cubes in a chrome finish.  These boards can be written on with a dry wipe marker and wiped off with a dry cloth.

Notice Board Manchester

Order your notice board with your office supplies and we can deliver it the next day all over the UK or even the same day in Manchester from our distribution store in Stockport.  Large 1800 x 1200mm board are delivered on a 2-3 day basis due to their size.

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