Octopus supply staples staplers, and staple removers by Rexel, Rapesco and Leitz.


Staples, Staplers & Staple Removers

Octopus supply a wide range of staples, staplers and staple removers to businesses in Manchester and Cheshire from our Stockport depot near to the Pyramid.  We stock and staplers and staple removers from manufacturers such as Rexel, Rapesco and 5 Star.


The most common staples that we supply are the 26/6 staple, which is designed to fit most modern desk staplers.  There are many other sizes of staples that fit a wide range of staplers including the 66/8 and the 23/15 which  are both also popular sizes.


There is a stapler for every stapling application that a business might encounter.  Whether it is an accountancy business or a small business working from home.

They range from the tiny Bambi pocket stapler that is useful for sales people or workers that are based onsite.  The Bambi stapler is small enough to fit into a handbag or laptop case, so the person on the road need never be without a stapler.

We also supply large staplers such as the Rexel Gladiator that will secure up to 160 sheets of paper using the massive 23/20 size staple.  These are often used in solicitors or accountancy practices for stapling large numbers of pages together.

The long arm stapler is also a common item for a stationery company to supply.  We stock the Rexel and 5 Star long arm stapler and the size of staple to fit them.

Staple Remover

The most popular staple remover is the type that are crocodile like.  These are by far the least expensive also, from prices as low as 89p.  There are other types too that are more of a pliers type made by manufacturers such as Rexel and Rapesco.

Staples In Manchester

Businesses in Manchester can order staples or a stapler and collect from our store in Stockport or have free next day delivery.  For a fast local delivery in the local area, just call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.

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