Buy American Size Paper In The UK.

American Size Paper

American Size Paper

If you need to print on American size paper, Octopus supply several special US sizes by the ream of 500 sheets.

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American Letter Size Paper

There are many companies in the UK that receive information and marketing material from their parent companies in the US.  This paper is often different to the UK standard, which is A4 size.  A popular US size paper is American letter Size or American quarto, which is 11 x 8.5″ or 279 x 216mm.

The American quarto paper is often bought to fit into American size binder.  These usually have 3 rings as opposed to 2 or 4 rings that the UK use.  Octopus can supply American letter size paper pre-punched with 3 holes if required.

American Foolscap Size Paper

Another common American paper is American foolscap or American legal.  This is a similar size to the UK foolscap size which was commonly used in our legal industry, but now has been largely replaced with standard cheap A4 paper.  The size of American Foolscap is 14 x 8.5″ or 356 x 216mm.  This paper is available in several weights, however the most common thickness is 80gsm.

Coloured American Legal Paper

We can supply American legal paper (also known as US letter) in several colours.  The main colours that we supply are pastel shades such as pink, yellow, green, ivory and blue.  In addition to these there are also mid colours that are a little darker such as red, orange, lilac and gold.  The mid coloured American legal paper is to order only.  All American size printer paper is supplied in reams of 500 sheets, so large quantities do not have to be purchased.

US Size Paper In Different Weights

The standard weight of the American paper is 80gsm, however we also supply it in the thinner 60gsm as well as card that is 160gsm.  The 60gsm paper is only available in white, whilst the 160gsm card comes in the 5 pastel shades.

Delivery Of American Size Printer Paper

We supply many sizes of paper and we deliver it using our own vehicles in the Manchester area and therefore can deliver small orders with no extra delivery charges.  Need office supplies in Manchester? Call Octopus.

UK Paper Sizes

If you are looking for UK paper sizes, we have an enormous selection.  Whether it is popular sizes such as A5, A4 or A3 or old fashioned sizes like foolscap or quarto, we are able to supply them all.

Do You Want To Save Paper

The best way to save paper is to use less in the first place.  Click here to see some useful tips.

6 thoughts on “American Size Paper Available In The UK

  1. Lindy Lydiate says:

    I’m looking for US letter size three hole punched card for replacements in an old photo album. The centres between the holes are 10.5cms. Is this something you might have, or could you steer me to where I might find them. Ideally I would like self adhesive cellophane on them to protect the photos but just the right sized card would be okay.
    Many thanks

  2. Shubham says:

    Hi, I want to send Indian size Legal paper (light green) to UK. Request you to suggest whom can I connect with. Is there any WhatsApp number on which I can chat.

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