We stock a range of Basildon Bond envelopes, from DL through to C4 size.

Basildon Bond Envelopes


Basildon Bond Envelopes

Basildon Bond envelopes are made from high white paper and manilla, making them great for the business that wants to use high quality envelopes for their business mail.  There is a range of sizes from DL (A4 folded into 3) up to C4 (A4 inserted without folding) and are all 100% recycled.  This can help to reduce your carbon footprint, if you are not currently using recycled envelopes.

DL Size Basildon Bond Envelopes

The smallest size in the Basildon Bond range is the DL size envelope.  This is the standard business envelope for letters and invoices, because it keeps your postage costs to a minimum.  It’s dimensions are 220x110mm and is designed to hold an A4 piece of paper to be folded into 3.  There are several versions to choose from including white and manilla and both sizes are 100% recycled.

C5 White Envelopes
C5 White Envelopes

C5 Size Basildon Bond Envelopes

The C5 Basildon Bond envelopes are more popular now, because of the standard letter rate the post office now use.  It is the largest size which can be sent as a standard size and can be up to 5mm thick.  The C5 size envelope is made from 100gsm recycled paper and has a subtle opaque printed on the inside.  This is to prevent the contents of documents from being read through the paper, because they often contain confidential information.  They are sold in packs off 500 or small convenient packs of 25.

C4 Size Basildon Bond Envelopes

As with the C5 Basildon Bond, the C4 are made from 100gsm recycled bond paper and are opaqued inside.  They come in window and non-window varieties and also come in standard boxes of 250, but smaller packs of 25 are also available.

Most Popular Envelope Sizes

DL White Peel & Seal Wallet

C5 White Peel & Seal Pocket

C4 White Peel & Seal Pocket

Basildon Bond envelopes delivered fast in Manchester

If you require envelopes delivered quickly, we can deliver the same day in the Greater Manchester area.  The reason we are able to act fast is that we don’t use couriers for our local orders, so we are able to organise our own delivery routes.  This means that if a customer is in urgent need for an item, we will prioritise that delivery.

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