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Keeping your office organised

According to new data which Talent Lifecycle Management released earlier this year, more than a [...]

Foil Seals

Octopus supply foil seals to stick to certificates, awards or Christmas gifts. Foil Seals The [...]

National Stationery Week 2021

So what is National Stationery Week I hear you cry! National Stationery week is a [...]

The Octopus Office Pancake Debate

Sweet or savoury? Crepe or American style? Flipped or tossed? We all have our own [...]

Waterproof Labels For Use Outdoors

We supply a range of waterproof labels for use outdoors or in damp conditions. Waterproof [...]

Choosing your 2019 Desk Diary

Choosing your 2019 desk diary can be a rush for those who tend to push [...]

5 Simple Stationery Facts

We hope you enjoyed reading these few facts about your basic work essentials. Take a [...]

Canadian Size Paper In The UK

Octopus stock Canadian size paper in a selection of thicknesses and several pastel colours. Canadian [...]

Why Have Steel When You Can Have Gold Staples

Octopus supply gold staples to fit into most standard desk staplers. Gold Staples The staples [...]

Where To Find A Vestry CV5072 Surey Pad Today

Octopus stock the Vestry CV5072 survey pad for nationwide delivery. Vestry CV5072 Survey Pad The [...]

Rubber Stamp For Legal Services

Octopus design and supply a rubber stamp for legal services. Rubber Stamp For Legal Services [...]

Office Supplies In Alderley Park

We can deliver stationery into Alderley Park daily, so never run out of paper or [...]

Office Life Magazine Summer 2017

Office life magazine summer 2017 hits the streets. Office Life Magazine Summer 2017 Your Office [...]

It’s Not Too Late To Buy A 2017 Year Planner

At Octopus we buy in extra 2017 year planner stock, because company’s need them all [...]