Octopus stock enough packaging to bubble wrap Manchester.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap Manchester

We supply bubble wrap in various sizes, from small rolls for sending the odd item in the post to gigantic rolls for businesses that send parcels out regularly.


Bubble Wrap – Large Bubbles

If you are sending larger items through the post or by courier and want to protect them, large bubble wrap is best.  It has bubbles that are 25mm in diameter and approximately 1cm thick, so it will better protect against knocks.Small Bubbles

It is ideal for things such as musical instruments or furniture items, as it offers better protection for bulky items.

Large Bubble Sizes

Our large bubble rolls are available in a selection of sizes depending on what you need to wrap.  The largest is 1500mm wide x 45m long and the other size is 750mm wide and 45m long.

Bubble Wrap – Small Bubbles

For sending out small fragile items, our small bubble film is very effective, as it will protect low weight items from bumps and knocks.  The bubble size is 12mm in diameter x approximately 5mm thick, so items can be wrapped several times if needed to create the required protection.

Small Bubble Sizes

The small bubble rolls are 1500mm wide x 200m, 1200mm wide x 200m, 1000mm wide x 100m or 750mm wide x 200m, so there should be a size to suit any packaging eventuality.

Convenient Rolls Of Bubble FilmConvenient Rolls

We also stock small convenient rolls of bubble film for use either in the home or business that only uses small quantities.  There are 2 roll sizes available, 500mm wide x 10m long and 600mm wide x 25m long, so you don’t have to stock enormous rolls around the house or office.

Bubble Wrap In Manchester

We offer free delivery of bubble wrap in Manchester, therefore we supply a lot of bubble film to businesses in the local area.  Many packaging companies have to charge extra for bubble wrap deliveries because it is so light, yet bulky.  We have our own vans delivering around Manchester, so don’t have an issue with the size or weight of items that we supply.

How To Buy Bubble Film

You can order your bubble film from Octopus over the phone or online by clicking here.  There is no delivery charge around Manchester and Cheshire, however we have a charge of £2.99 for orders placed online if they are under £30.

Click and collect

Do you need bubble wrap the same day?  We stock bubble wrap in our stockport store for collection the same day.  Order online or over the phone and collect from our South Manchester warehouse at SK3 0BR any time between 7.00 and 17.30.

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