At Octopus Office Products, we’re fully aware that many people look forward to downing tools over the Christmas break and to relaxing over the holiday while spending precious time with family or friends.

However, we also appreciate that not everyone has that luxury. Some organisations provide essential services, and so can’t close just because it’s Christmas. For others, their work is seasonal or it’s the time of the holiday sales, so, again, they have to remain open. In other cases, businesses may not be able to take time off because they’re working towards a deadline for a key project. Or some may wish to use the quieter time to catch up on admin such as tax returns. Meanwhile, if you work in the hospitality sector, you don’t need us to tell you that Christmas is your busiest time of year.

Equally, if you’re self-employed, of course no one pays you to take a break.

Our philosophy is that we’ll always be there for our customers whenever they need us, at Christmas as well as all year round. For that reason, we make a point of opening up daily over the festive period. And, this year, we’ll be doing it all over again.

So, barring public holidays, we’ll be open daily over the break, if only for a short while each day. This gives you access to everything you need to keep your workplace operating smoothly during the holiday.

So you can pop in to our Stockport trade counter and pick up the essentials you require, meaning you never run out of anything at a time when other suppliers may have shut up shop for the duration. If you’re a hotel or restaurant, for example, the last thing you want to find out on December 24 is that you’re all out of name badges or credit card rolls.

You can also call our sales team if you need an urgent delivery at this time of year. Meanwhile, of course, our website is open 24/7.

What we offer

Check out our range of office stationery, incorporating printer paper, cartridges and many of the most popular toners and inks. That includes major brands from Brother and Canon to Dell, Espon, HP and Panasonic, among others.

Alternatively, if you’re using the quiet time to plan and think ahead, browse our line-up of quality office furniture, and order over Christmas to give your workplace a new look for 2024.
Equally, order now to have supplies ready for January when people are back at their desks. Let’s face it, it can be a depressing enough time of year at the best of times, without realising you’ve no printer paper left, or that the stationery cupboard is bare.

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