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US letter size paper is often used to communicate with businesses in United States. The size of the paper is slightly smaller than the A4 paper that is common in the UK and Europe.


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US Letter Paper Size

The US letter paper is 11 x 8.5″ or 279 x 216mm and this is a little shorter and a little wider than the UK A4 size paper.

US Letter Paper Weight Options

The standard weight of US letter paper that we supply is 75gsm, however we have access to many other weights of paper.  These include 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm and 120gsm to name but a few.  We can easily create heavier weights of paper and card, it just required a few days to organise.

Colours of US Letter Size Paper

As standard our US letter paper is white, but are often asked for other colours such as ivory, green, yellow, pale blue and pink.  These shades are generally 80gsm, although thicker weights are available.  We can supply a vast range of other colours to, including intense and neon colours.

Recycled US Letter Size Paper

Our recycled US letter size paper is manufactured from Xerox  80 mgsm paper.  It is recycled from 100% post consumer waste and is Blue Angel accredited.  It is also free from optical brightening agents (OBA), however this means that the paper is an off white colour.  When placed next to non recycled printer paper, it looks a slightly green shade of white.

Pack Sizes of US Letter Paper

We supply the US letter size paper in 2 pack sizes.  There are full reams of 500 sheets and smaller packs of 100 sheets for customers that only need to print a small document.

The 100 sheet packs have become very popular with customers wanting to print one off documents.

Bulk Purchase US Letter Paper

If you use large quantities of US letter size paper, please get in touch.  Packing and shipping is an expensive part of the process of getting paper delivered due to its weight.  Therefore if we are packing and shipping numerous packs of paper together, we can often reduce the unit price.

US Letter Size Paper

Delivery of Your US Letter Paper

We deliver US size letter paper all over Europe and use a selection of delivery methods to keep costs down and the impact on our environment to a minimum.

There are 3 main delivery options.  Click and collect, which is ideal for customers that are in the Manchester area.

The other options are standard delivery, which is 3-5 days and express delivery that is 1-2 days.

Other Paper Sizes

Octopus supply a range of other paper sizes including American legal paper and Indian legal paper. These are also stocked for same day dispatch all over the UK and Europe.

US legal paper is 14 x 8.5″ or 356 x 216mm and is often used to print legal documents that need to be sent over to the United States.  These are also supplied in reams of 500 or smaller packs of 100 sheets.

Indian legal paper is also 14 x 8.5″, however the main difference is that it is made from a pale green colour as opposed to white.

UK size papers are also popular including old paper sizes such as UK foolscap, which is 13 x 8″ and UK quarto, which is 10 x 8″.

How To Save Paper

There a re a few ways to use less paper.

The first way, is to simply print less.  It sounds obvious, however how amny times have you printed an email and lots of pages have printed, but you only needed one?

No 2. Print double sided where you can.  Many office printers now have the option to print duplex (double sided), so why not use it.  If you are unsure if your printer can print doulble sided, have a look at the model number.  If it has a D after the number part of it for instance CDW or FDN, then it is likely to have the facility.

No3. Use recycled paper.  There are various qualities of recycled paper out there these days.  You have the choice of whether you want it to look like virgin pulp or 100% post consumer waste recycled.  

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