Add some brightness into your work with coloured paper.

Coloured Paper

Coloured Paper

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At Octopus we have a good range of paper from the humble white copier paper to vibrant colours to brighten up your work.

Coloured Paper For Business

Many offices in the UK use coloured papers to distinguish certain flows of paperwork in their office.  Some businesses for example use blue paper for their incoming faxes, whilst others may use green paper for emails.

Another uses may be on the shop floor where works schedules might be printed onto yellow paper or purchase orders printed onto pink paper.

Grades Of Coloured Paper

There is a huge range of coloured papers, the common pastel shades that are easy to print on to and work well in the office.  The more intense colours when printed with black ink are sometimes difficult to read due to the contrast.

Paper – Pastel Shades

The basic colours in the pastel range are pale yellow, pale pink, pale blue and pale green.  Ivory paper (or cream) has Assorted Papersalso been included in this range over recent times.  These colours are available in A4 size and A3 and by special order they can be supplied in the smaller A5 or larger A2 size.

Paper – Medium Shades

The mid shades of colours in our range of papers are ideal if you want to send out a promotion and you want it to stand out.  It is not too dark to be printed on, but bold enough that it will be noticed amongst other papers.  The shades in this range are colours such as medium pink, medium green, medium blue, lavender (purple) and gold.

Paper – Bold Colours

The most intense colours in our range of papers are the bold range of coloured paper.  This is made up of colours such as orange paper, red paper, aqua blue paper and spring green paper.  These colours although can be printed on can sometimes make the print a little difficult to read.  These colours are often used to mark pages in a document or in a solicitors bundle.

Paper – Neon Colours

Octopus supply a selection of neon coloured paper.  The 4 colours that we stock are neon green, neon orange, neon pink and neon yellow paper.  These colours are only available in A4 size as standard.

Coloured Paper The Same Day

Octopus stock a wide selection of A4 coloured paper.  We can deliver paper all over Manchester and Cheshire the same day if required.  Please call our sale office on 0161 429 8118 for more information.

What Do Our Customers Think Of Us?

Read our customer reviews to see what they about the service that we provide.  Just Google OCTOPUS OFFICE

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  1. Matthew Reeve says:


    Please could we have a quote for:

    20 x A4 (Standard process flow) in gloss paper

    20 x 19 page document ( Process diagram ) A3 standard paper
    Could we please have a cost of this single sided and double sided.

    Thanks in advance

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