We get asked about an envelope size guide all the time, so thought we would put together a simple guide to the most popular envelopes that we supply.

Envelope Size Guide

Envelope Size Guide

Below is an envelope size guide to help you to choose the correct envelope for your mail.

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DL Size Envelopes

DL Window Envelopes

The DL size envelopes are for use with A4 paper.  The address in the window envelope is positioned in the bottom left hand corner.  The ideal position for the address to be printed on the invoice is in the top right portion of the A4 sheet.

DL Non-window Envelopes

The A4 sheet of paper needs to be folded into 3 before being inserted into the envelope.

DL Envelopes

C6 Size Envelopes

C6 Window Envelopes

The C6 window envelopes that we supply are designed for A4 paper to be folded in half and then in half again.  It will also accept A5 paper folded in half.  Generally the C6 envelope is used for invoices and business communication.

A Guide To Envelope Sizes DL, C6, C5 & C4 1

C5 Size Envelopes

What size is a c5 envelope?

C5 Window Envelopes

The C5 window envelope is now the most popular envelope that we supply.  It can be used for mail shots, invoices, statements or business correspondence.  The address is ideally positioned in the top left of the A4 page.  The A4 paper needs to be folded in two and then the address will fit neatly into the window.

C5 Non-window Envelopes

The C5 non-window envelope will take either a sheet of A5 paper or a sheet of A4 folded in half.

A Guide To Envelope Sizes DL, C6, C5 & C4 2

C4 Size Envelopes

C4 Window Envelopes

The C4 window envelope is designed to take a sheet of A4 paper flat without being folded.  The window is positioned in the top left hand side of the envelope and is ideal for thick batches of invoices or a catalogue.

A Guide To Envelope Sizes DL, C6, C5 & C4 3

Why buy your envelopes from Octopus?

If you buy your envelopes from Octopus, you can be sure to get the right envelopes for your mailing.  We stock all of the popular sizes in both window and non-window options.

We supply 80gsm in the DL size envelopes, 90gsm in the C5 and C4 envelopes as standard.  100gsm and 120gsm envelopes can also be supplied if required.

What are the current postage costs for standard size envelopes?

If you send mail using normal postage, you can find the postage prices here.  There are cheaper ways to send mail if you are a business and send a lot of letters and or parcles.

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