5 Star make a broad range of re-manufactured toner cartridges for a range of printers.  We deliver them all over the UK next day, but can offer same day delivery in Manchester on stocked products. Re-manufactured Toner Cartridges

Re-Manufactured Toner Cartridges

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Brother Re-manufactured Cartridges

5 Star make a large number of toner cartridges and drum units to fit Brother laser printers.  We can supply the following re-manufactured toner cartridges, so you can save money on your printing costs.

Re-manufactured Brother Toner Cartridges

TN2000, TN2005, TN2010, TN2110, TN2120, TN2210, TN2220, TN241BK, TN241C, TN241M, TN241Y, TN245C, TN245M, TN245Y, TN3060, TN3130, TN3170, TN3230, TN3280, TN3330, TN3380, TN6300, TN6600, TN135BK, TN135C, TN135M, TN135Y, TN230BK, TN230C, TN230M, TN230Y, TN325BK, TN325C, TN325M, TN325Y.

Re-manufactured Brother Drum Units

DR2000, DR2200, DR2100, DR2200, DR3000, DR3100, DR3200, DR3300, DR3400, DR4000, DR6000. For Brother original toners and drum units, please click here.

HP Re-manufactured Toner Cartridges

Probably the most popular toner cartridges that 5 Star re-manufacture are the HP toner cartridges, therefore many of the older machines can be catered for.

5 Star Toners For HP Machines

Black toner cartridges for mono printers: CE505A (05A), CE505X (05X), Q2610A (10A), Q6511A (A), Q6511X (11X), Q2612A (12A), Q2612X (12X), Q2613A (13A), Q2613X (13X), C7115A (15A), C7115X (15X), Q7516A (16A), Q2624A (24A), C4127X (27X), C4129X (29X), CB435A (35A), CB436A (36A), Q1338A (38A), Q5942A (42A), Q5942X (42X), C8543X (43X), Q5945A (45A), Q5949A (49A), Q5949X (49X), Q7551A (51A), Q7551X (51X), Q7553A (53A), Q7553X (53X), CE255A (55A), CE255X (55X), C8061X (61X), CC364A (64A), CC364X (64X), CE278A (78A), CF280A (80A), CF280X (80X), CF281A (281A), C4182X (82X), CF283A (83A), CF283X (83X), CE285A (85A), CE390A (90A), CE390X (90X), C4092A (92A), C4096A (96A). Black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges for colour printers: Q6000A (124A), Q6001A (124A), Q6002A (124A), Q6003A (124A). CB540A (125A), CB541A (125A), CB542A (125A), CB543A (125A). CE310A (126A), CE311A (126A), CE312A (126A), CE313A (126A). CE320A (128A), CE321A (128A), CE322A (128A), CE323A (128A). CF210A (131A), CF211A (131A), CF212A (131A), CF213A (131A). CC530A (304A), CC531A (304A), CC532A (304A), CC533A (304A). CE410A (305A), CE410X (305X), CE411A (305X), CE412A (305X), CE413A (305X). CF380A (312A), CF380X (312X), CF381A (312X), CF382A (312X), CF383A (312X). Q6470A (501A), Q6471A (502A), Q6472A (502A), Q6473A (502A). Q7581A (503A), Q7582A (503A), Q7583A (503A). CE250A (504A), CE250X (504X), CE250A (504X), CF251A (504X), CF252A (504X), CF253X (504X). CE400A (507A), CE401A (507A), CE402A (507A), CE403A (507A). C9720A (641A), C9721A (641A), C9722A (641A), C9723A (641A). CB400A (642A), CB401A (642A), CB402A (642A), CB403A (642A). Q5950A (643A), Q5951A (643A), Q5952A (643A), Q5953A (643A). C9730A (645A), C9731A (645A), C9732A (645A), C9733A (645A). CE260A (647A), CE261A (647A), CE262A (647A), CC263A (647A). CB390A (825A) For information on genuine HP toner cartridges, please click here.

Kyocera Re-manufactured Toner Cartridges

5 Star make a selection of the Kyocera re-manufactured toner cartridges.  The small range is listed 5 Star Toners For Kyocera printersbelow. TK120, TK130, TK170, TK340, TK580K, TK580C, TK580M, TK580Y, TK590K, TK590C, TK590M, TK580Y. The genuine Kyocera cartridges can be found here.

Samsung Re-manufactured Toner Cartridges

5 Star make re-manufactured toner cartridges for a selection of Samsung printers, therefore this means you can save money on your printing supplies.  The re-manufactured Samsung toners are listed below. Black re-manufactured toner cartridges for mono printers: MLT-D101S, MLT-D111S, MLT-D203S, MLT-D203L, MLT-D203E, MLT-D205S, MLT-D205L, SF-D560R, MLT-D1042S, MLT-D1052S, MLT-D1052L, MLT-D1082S, ML-1610D2, ML-2010D3, MLT-D2092L, SCX-4216D3, SF-5100D3. Black, cyan, magenta and yellow toners for colour printers: CLT-K506, CLT-C506, CLT-M506, CLT-Y506, CLT-C4072S, CLT-M4072S, CLT-Y4072S. Genuine Samsung toner cartridges can be found here.

The 5 Star Guarantee

All 5 Star re-manufactured toner cartridges are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase, so you can be rest assured that the toner will give you good prints.  We supply a large number of 5 Star toner cartridges and the defect rate is better than many of their rivals, which means it won’t let you down when you need it.  If a toner cartridge develops a fault or indeed if it is faulty upon opening the toner cartridge for the first time, we will always organise a replacement. There are various reasons why a re-manufactured toner doesn’t work properly.  One of the most common problems encountered is toner leaking from the cartridge.  Other problems can be that the printer does not recognise the cartridge and this can be due to the chip being faulty or damaged. Whatever problem encountered with the 5 Star re-manufactured toner cartridge, be assured that we have a no quibble guarantee.

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