Need Epson printer ink in Stockport or Manchester?  Look no further.

Epson Printer Ink

Epson Printer Ink

Epson make a huge number of ink cartridges for printers that go back over ten years.
Octopus stock a large number of Epson printer ink cartridges ready for despatch the same day, perfect for those in need of quick printer ink delivery.


Epson Printer Ink For Your Home Or Office

Ensure a high quality printing experience with Epson printer ink, crafted to deliver exceptional colour accuracy and sharpness.
Trust in the reliability of genuine Epson ink for vibrant and long-lasting prints, ensuring professional-quality results for your home or office.

Buying Epson Printer Ink In Stockport and Manchester

As a local supplier of Epson printer ink in Stockport and Manchester, we often get asked to supply them quickly to businesses in the area.  
Being a stockist for over 10 years, we are familiar with the new models and the not so new.  
We have supplied Epson ink to many companies when they have been told the the cartridge they are looking for is discontinued.

Epson Printer Ink Compatibility guide

Ensure optimal performance for your printer by choosing Epson ink cartridges specifically designed for your model.
Our Epson ink cartridges guarantee seamless compatibility, allowing you to enjoy trouble-free printing and vibrant results with precision-engineered ink formulated to meet the unique demands of your Epson printer.

Epson Stylus Photo 790, 870, 875DC, 890, 895EX, 900, 915, 1270, 1280, 1290

T007 black ink – Eagle, T008 colour ink – Parrat, T009 colour ink – Toucan

Epson Stylus Color 880

T019 black ink & T020 colour ink – Hot Air Balloon

Epson Stylus Photo 810, 830, 925, 935

T026 black ink & T027 colour ink – Fish

Epson Stylus C70, C80, C82

T0321 black Epson printer ink – Quill

Epson Stylus Photo 950Epson Ink Cartridge

T0331 black Epson printer ink – Grasshopper

Epson Stylus C42, C44, C46

T0361 black Epson printer ink – Beach Huts

Epson Stylus C62 and CX3200

T0401 black ink, T0410 colour ink – Paints

Epson Stylus C64, C66, C84, C86, CX3600, CX3650, CX6400, CX6600

T0431 black ink – Sunglasses, T0441 black ink, T0442 cyan, T0443 magenta, T0444 yellow, T0445 multipack – Parasol

Epson Stylus Photo R200, R220, R300, R320, RX500, RX600, RX620, RX640

T0481 black ink, T0482 cyan, T0483 magenta, T0484 yellow, T0485 light cyan, T0486 light magenta, T0486 multipack – Seahorse

Epson Stylus Color 400, 440, 460, 600, 640, 660, 670

T0501 black Epson printer ink – Panda

Epson Stylus 740,760,800, 850, 860, 1160, 1520, Scan 200, Scan 2500

T0511 black ink – Chess, T0520 colour ink – Abacus

Epson Stylus Photo R800 and R1800

T0540 clear, T0541 black ink, T0542 cyan, T0543 magenta, T0544 yellow, T0547 red, T0548 matt black, T0549 violet – Frog

Epson Stylus Photo RX420, RX425, RX520, R240, R245epson 100176

T02551 black ink, T0552 cyan, T0553 magenta, T0554 yellow, T0556 multipack – Duck

Epson Stylus Photo R2400

T0591 black ink, T0592 cyan, T0593 magenta, T0594 yellow, T0595 light cyan, T0596 light magenta, T0597 light black, T0598 matt black, T0599 light light black – Lilly

Epson Stylus D68, D88, DX3800, DX4200, DX4800

T0611 black ink, T0612 cyan, T0613 magenta, T0614 yellow, T0615 multipack – Teddy Bear

Epson Stylus D78, DX4000, DX5000, DX6000, DX7000F, SX200, SX215, SX400, SX405, SX415, SX515SW, SX600FW

T0711 black ink, T0711H high yield black ink, T0712 cyan, T0713 magenta, T0714 yellow, T0715 multipack – Cheetah

Epson Stylus Pro 1400

T0791 black ink, T0792 cyan, T0793 magenta, T0794 yellow, 0795 light cyan, T0796 light magenta – Owl

Epson Stylus Photo R265 R360, RX560, R585, RX685

T0801 black ink, T0802 cyan, T0803 magenta, T0804 yellow, T0805 light cyan, T0806 light magenta, T0807 multipack – Hummingbird

Epson Stylus Photo R1900

T0870 clear ink, T0871 photo black ink, T0872 cyan, T0803 magenta, T0804 yellow, T0877 red, T0878 matt black, T0879 orange – Flamingo

Epson Stylus S20, s21, SX100, SX105, SX200, SX205, SX400, SX405, Stylus Office BX300F, EXF205, SX210, SX218, SX400, SX405, SX410

T0891 black ink, T0892 cyan, T0893 magenta, T0894 yellow, T0895 multipack of CMYK, T0896 multipack of CMY – Monkey502XL

Epson Stylus Photo R2880

T0961 photo black, T0962 cyan, T0963 magenta, T0964 yellow, T0965 light cyan, T0966 light magenta, T0967 light black, T0968 matt black, T0969 light light black – Husky

Epson Stylus BX600FW and B40W

T1001 black ink, T1002 cyan, T1003 magenta, T1004 yellow, T1005 multipack CMY – Rhino

Epson Stylus  S22, SX125, SX420W, SX425W, Stylus Office BX305F, BX305FW

T1280 black ink, T1281 cyan, T1282 magenta, T1283 magenta, T1284 yellow, T1285 multipack CMYK – Fox

Epson Stylus SX420W, SX425W, SX525WD, SX620FW, Stylus Office BX305F, BX305FW, BX320FW, BX525WD, BX626FWD

T1291 black ink, T1292 cyan, T1293 magenta, T1294 yellow, T1295 multipack CMYK – Apple

Epson Stylus SX525ED, SX620FW, Stylus Office BX525WD, BX625FWD

T1301 black ink, T1302 cyan, T1303 magenta, T1304 yellow, T1306 multipack CMY – Stag

Epson Stylus Pro 4000 and 9600

T5442 cyan, T5443 magenta, T5444 yellow, T5445 light cyan, T5446 light magenta

Epson PictureMate 500

T5570 multipack CMYK Epson printer ink

Epson Stylus Pro 3800

T5801 photo black ink, T5802 cyan, T5803 magenta, T5804 yellow, T5805 light cyan, T5806 light magenta, T5807 light black, T5808 matt black, T5809 light light black

Epson PictureMate 240, 280, 260 & 290603XL

T5846 multipack CMYK Epson printer ink – Flippers

Epson Expression Home XP-2100, XP-2105, XP-3100, XP3105, XP-4100, XP-4105, WorkForce WF-2810DWF, WF-2830DWF, WF-2835DWF and WF-2850DWF

603XL Multipack, 603XL Black, 603XL cyan, 603XL magenata and 603XL yellow – Starfish

Epson WorkForce Pro WP4015DN, WP4095DN, WP4515DN, WP4525DNF, WP4595DNF

T701 black ink, T701 cyan, T701 magenta, T701 yellow – Pyramids

Epson WorkForce Pro WP4015DN, WP4025DW, WP4095DN, WP4515DN, WP4525DNF, WP4535DWF, WP4545DTWF, WP4595DNF

T702 black ink, T702 cyan, T702 magenta, T702 yellow – Eiffel Tower

Epson WorkForce Pro WP4015DN, WP4025DW, WP4095DN, WP4515DN, WP4525DNF, WP4535DWF, WP4545DTWF, WP4595DNF

T703 black ink, T703 cyan, T703 magenta, T703 yellow – Eiffel Tower

Epson WorkForce Pro WP-M400 and 4500 series

T744 black Epson printer ink – Taj Mahal

Epson Workforce WF-2010W, WF-2510WF, WF-2520NF, WF-2530WF, WF-2540WF

No 16 black ink, No 16 cyan ink, No 16 magenta ink, No 16 yellow ink – Pen & Crossword

No 16XL black ink, No 16XL cyan ink, No 16XL magenta ink, No 16XL yellow ink – Pen & Crossword

Epson Expression Home XP-30, XP-102, XP-202, XP-205, XP-302, XP-305, XP-402, XP405

No 18 black ink, No 18 cyan ink, No 18 magenta ink, No 18 yellow ink – Daisy

No 18XL black ink, No 18XL cyan ink, No 18XL magenta ink, No 18XL yellow ink – Daisy

Epson Expression Photo XP-750, XP-850

No 24XL black ink, No 24XL cyan ink, No 24XL magenta ink, No 24XL yellow ink, No 24XL light cyan, No 24XL light magenta, No 24XL multipack inks including all 6 colours – Polar Bear

Epson Expression Premium XP-600, XP-605, XP-700, XP-800

No 26 black ink, No 26 cyan ink, No 26 magenta ink, No 26 yellow ink – Alarm Clock

No 26XL black ink, No 26XL cyan ink, No 26XL magenta ink, No 26XL yellow ink – Alarm Clock79XL

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630DWF, WF-4640TWF, WF-5110DW, WF-5190DW, WF-5620DWF, WF-5690DWF

No 79XL black ink, No 79XL cyan ink, No 79XL magenta ink, No 79XL yellow ink – Tower Of Pisa



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