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Tea and coffee are a must in every office and almost all businesses supply their staff with hot and cold drinks.

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Tea And Coffee In Tins & Bulk Packs

Octopus have been supplying tea and coffee products to businesses for many years, however this has become more and more common year on year.  There are many brands of drinks and condiments that are now prevalent in every office.

Tea Bags In Bulk

The most popular teas that Octopus supply are PG Tips and Typhoo, however we often get asked for other brands like Yorkshire Tea.  As well as the standard bulk packs of tea where there are around 1100 tea bags in a pack, we also supply small packs of Twinings.  Clipper fair trade tea bags are made from organic leaves and available in green tea, redbush and Earl Grey and are supplied in small packs of 25.

Speciality Tea For The Office

Lipton tea bags are suitable for lactose free diets, coeliac sufferers and vegan and vegetarian people.  These are available in rose-hip and raspberry, peppermint, rooibos spice and forest fruits and these teas contain only about 2 calories per decaf-drinkscup if no milk or sugar is added.

Coffee In Bulk Packs

The main coffee that Octopus supply is Nescafe Original, however some companies prefer to give their staff a choice of different flavours.  Some businesses buy Gold Blend, Kenco or Douwe Egberts in the large 750g tins, whilst others prefer sachets of 200 as they stay fresher as they are only opened when about to be used.

Some companies opt for the Clipper fair trade coffee, which come in 500g tins and is made organically.  The Clipper coffee like most of the other brands is also available in decaffeinated.

Hot Drinks For The Office

Sachets of hot drinks such as hot chocolate, Aero, Cappuccino and Latte are becoming more popular for offering to visitors to you office, so as to give them a bit more choice instead of just normal tea and coffee.

Sachets Of Coffee, Sugar & Milk

Sugars and milks are items that generally get purchased with the tea and coffee and we can supply sugar in 1kg bags, 2kg bags and also boxes of 600 demerara or white sugar.  Sweeteners and milk cartons are also stocked and can be supplied with the rest of your office supplies.  Coffee such as Nescafe granules and Gold Blend are also stocked in sachet form.

Coffee For Your Office The Same Day

Most office these days rely on their office supplies company to provide their tea and coffee.  Octopus stock tea, coffee, UHT milk and sugar for same day delivery in our local area.  We have brands such as Nescafe granules, PG Tips and Douwe Egberts in store for immediate dispatch should your supply run out unexpectedly.

Free Delivery In Manchester

Because we are based in Manchester, Octopus offer free delivery of office supplies, including tea and coffee to businesses in the Manchester area.  Whether it is bulk packs of PG Tips or large tins of Nescafe Gold Blend, if you need some the same day, we will make every effort to get it to you.

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