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A guide to choosing the right filing cabinet

Whether you are looking for a filing cabinet for a solicitors practice or you home study.  Octopus will have a cabinet that suits your budget and requirements.

Metal Filing Cabinets

Steel filing cabinets look great in any office environment, with a stylish range of colours we have something to suit your needs. Metal cabinets are without doubt the most popular type of filing cabinet on the market, and are also the cheapest or most economical solution.  Available with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 drawers. Standard colours available include grey or brown & cream (coffee / cream).  In recent years more colours have become available as standard, including green, blue, yellow and red. The perfect accompaniment for your office and office furniture.

2 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet

The 2 drawer metal filer is about 711mm high and is just slightly lower than a standard desk.  This size is mostly used if the surface of the cabinet is to be utilised for other means such as putting office equipment on top.

4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet

The 4 drawer metal filing cabinet is about 1321mm high and is by far the most common size cabinet. Our 4 drawer cabinet is generally used in businesses as it is the best use of space and the best value for money. The 2 main brands that Octopus supply are Bisley and Trexus (which are also manufactured by Bisley).  Bisley branded cabinets our made to a higher standard.  This means the drawers can be deeper thus giving a larger filing capacity.

Wooden Filing Cabinet

Wooden filing cabinets are more common in executive offices or the home office due to the fact that they look more characterful.  Our wooden filing cabinets are what you may call traditional and can look good in the home as well as office. Wooden cabinets are available in a wide range of finishes, however beech, oak and maple are the more popular choices for the modern office or home. Wooden cabinets like the steel are available in 2, 3 or 4 drawer and are almost always lockable.

Filing Cabinets in Special Colours

The modern office now demands more colours than we did years ago.  Offices used to be happy with brown or grey, but these days we can supply bight colours or multicoloured.  Black filing cabinets are a standard colour in the 2 or 4 drawer filer and are available on a next day delivery in many cases.

Filing Cabinets Delivered Same Day

If you have an urgent need for some cabinets or you need a cabinet delivered to an upstairs office, Octopus can sort this for you.  We deliver using our own vehicles around Manchester and Stockport direct from our Cheshire based furniture warehouse.  If you need a filing cabinet the same day, we can usually help, just give our sales office a call on 0161 429 8118.

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