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Guildhall Account Books

Guildhall Account Books

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Guildhall Headliner BooksHeadliner Book

Guildhall make a range of accounts books that have cut away pages which means that the heading doesn’t have to be written on every sheet.  The Headliner book is available in a selection of sizes, the smallest being the 38 series which is A4 size. The largest headliner book being the 68 series is almost A3 size.  All Guildhall Headliner books have a deep red coloured cover and the reference is embossed onto the spine.

The 38 series Guildhall Headliner book comes in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 cash columns.  There is also a larger 48 series which is 273mm wide and has 21 cash columns. The 58 series is available in 2 rulings, either the 27 cash column or a petty cash book that has the reference 58/4-16.  The largest book in the guildhall Headliner range is the 68 series.  This book is 406mm wide and has either 32 cash columns or a petty cash ruling that has the reference 68/6-20.

Guildhall Account Books31 Series Account Book

Our standard Guildhall accounts book range is available in several sizes and rulings too.  The smallest size is the 31 series and that is an A4 size book with a selection of column choices.  There is a 2 column, 3 column, 4 column, 5 column, 6 column and 7 column ruling on each page.  The 14 column ruling in the 31 series range that goes across 2 pages.  There is also a larger Guildhall 51/4-16 petty cash book as well as a 61/6-20 petty cash book.  Standard Guildhall account books have a blue cover with the reference number embossed on the spine.

Guildhall Account Books In Manchester

Octopus stock several Guildhall books and have access to the whole range of accounts books.  If you are based in the Manchester area, we are able to supply most Guildhall books the same day if it is required.  
Call our office in Stockport on 0161 429 8118 if you require same day delivery.

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