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 Octopus supply Sage compatible forms for invoicing, payslips and remittances

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Sage Business Forms

If you want your business to look professional, Sage forms can help.  They are designed to work in laser or dot matrix printers and can help make even a small business look better.  The laser invoices are A4 size, so will fit easily into a standard laser or inkjet printer.  The size of the dot matrix forms are generally 9.5″ wide, which is the same size as the most common listing paper.

Sage PayslipsPayslips

One of the most common Sage forms is the payslip. These can be used in laser and inkjet or dot matrix printers.  The laser payslips DUKSA011 are supplied 2 per page on an A4 sheet and are packed in 500 forms per box, which makes 1,000 Sage payslips.  Once printed they can be separated by tearing along the perforations.  The finished size of the payslip is 210 x 102mm.  If a more secure version is required, then the Sage security payslip DUKSA005 is available.  The security payslip can be printed and a copy removed for the company records, whilst the other 2 parts make up a secure envelope.

Sage Invoices

Invoices are used by almost all businesses and the layout designed by Sage forms are probably the most popular format used.  The compatible Sage laser invoices DUKSA008 are available as a single part set or a two part set DUKSA009.  The two part set has a white top copy and a yellow bottom copy that are collated ready to be printed.

Our dot matrix version of the Sage compatible invoice is manufactured in a 2 part DUKSA001 or 3 part set DUKSA002.  It is also available in Invoicesa 4 part set DUKSA003 where the 3rd and 4th parts have the price fields hashed out so that the figures cannot be seen.  This form is called an invoice / delivery note.  The size of the compatible sage invoice is 279 x 241mm (11 x 9.5″), which is the most common size of listing paper in the UK.  Sage forms such as the invoice can also be used for forms such as purchase orders or credit notes.

 Sage Remittance Advice

Compatible remittance advice are available in either a laser / inkjet version DUKSA010 or a dot matrix version.  In the case of the dot matrix form they can be purchased in single part DUKSA006 or a duplicate set DUKSA007.  Both types are perforated down the centre giving the customer the option of returning a copy to their supplier with their payment.

Sage Compatible Forms In Manchester

At Octopus, we have access to the whole range of compatible Sage business forms.  We offer free delivery in the Manchester and Cheshire area from our store in Stockport.  This means we are perfectly positioned to get your forms to you the same day if required.  We are competitively priced and have no delivery charges.  Call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 to arrange your free delivery.

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