How to unjam a paper shredder?

One of the most confusing and generally annoying situations we can encounter in our job is not having the right tools in working order.

Paper shredders can spare you a lot of time and make your job easier.

However, when a paper shredder gets jammed, what can you unjam it?

In this article, we will guide through unjamming your paper shredder so you can continue being productive.

How To Unjam A Paper Shredder 1

Unplug the paper shredder for extra safety.

In this method, remove the paper by hand by using various tools. You should, therefore, unplug the appliance so as not to injure yourself while trying to unjam it.

You would not like it if you accidentally turned on the paper while your finger is inside it trying to get it unjammed.

Remove the cover from the device.

Most of the newer models of paper shredders come in two parts: a container for collecting the destroyed paper and a part, which contains the blades for shredding the paper.

You will have less trouble dislodging the paper embedded in the slots on both sides to unclog it if you can separate these two parts. It is usually enough to lift it in order for it to be separated from the collection bin.

The most luxurious models may have only a simple opening and closing mechanism at the top of the device.

Put the shredder blades of the device on a sheet of newspaper – or any place that does not have dirt – before starting the process of the cleaning.

Use tweezers to unjam a paper shredder

Use tweezers to remove the pieces of paper caught between the blades. Tweezers allow you to have a good grip on the paper wedged between the thin blades.

However, you can also use your fingers if the parts stuck are big enough.

Also, try to dislodge the jammed paper on the underside of the shredder. It is hard to tell at first glance exactly where the jam is, and you might get better results if you take a closer look.

Cut the paper with a knife.

Cut the wrapped pieces of paper with a knife, and then remove them.

When a paper shredder becomes jammed, the paper may be wrapped around the cylinder inside the shredder, which can make it difficult to work properly.

Try to do this with a sharp knife – or scissors or pliers – to cut these wrapped strips of paper and allow the machine to shred them better.

Remove pieces with a screwdriver.

Remove pieces of paper or plastic by screwdriver or pliers.

Consider using these metal tools for a better grip when removing thick paper or pieces of plastic, which is easier to see at the base of the shredder.

Remove stubborn pieces by pulling with a sharp blow, but at the same time be careful not to damage the machine.

Note that it is essential not to damage the shredder blades when using a screwdriver or pliers, as this can be quite expensive in repairs.

These tools can be very useful especially for removing hard pieces of plastic that may have engorged the device after inserting a CD or some other solid material.

Feedthrough more paper

Shredder Oil
Shredder oil lubricant can help future paper shredder jams.

Put thick paper in the shredder, at the back of the place where the jam occurred.

Unbelievably, sometimes adding more paper is sometimes enough to helps to unjam a paper shredder. To do this, you will need a piece of thick, stiff cardboard, like a piece of a file folder or cereal box that you can easily destroy.

Push the carton directly into the centre of the shredder while you are running the machine. Apply firm enough pressure to pass this piece of paper.

Stop if you do not notice any changes and try another method to avoid making the clogging worse.

Use shredder oil lubricant.

Use a special shredder oil lubricant for paper shredders for very tough jams.

Large paper jams can occur if the paper shredder blades are not lubricated well enough. To solve this problem, you can use a lubricant designed for this type of device. Fellowes shredder oil is available to buy through our online store.

In some cases particularly with old paper shredders, the motor may not be strong enough and you will continually have to unjam a paper shredder.

This may be the time to look at buying a new paper shredder.

Feel free to contact our team if you need any help.


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