A sustainable, as well as robust answer to records storage, are Fellowes storage boxes. These offer the dual advantages of a recycled as well as recyclable service that meets with environmental objectives, and robust style for long term usage.

A long-lasting and durable answer to records storage space is the use of Fellowes storage boxes. These use the double benefits of a recycled and also recyclable service that complies with environmental targets. Built for durability and designed for long-term usage.

fellowes storage boxes
Fellowes Storage Boxes

From agreements, licences as well as certificates to legal, monetary as well as personal information. All UK businesses and organisations are lawfully called upon to maintain a wide variety of paperwork for numerous years.

While the amount of time to keep different types of documents varies across Europe, individual data should not be maintained any type of longer than required.

This helps maintain documentation safely and securely. This is more crucial right now than it has actually ever been.

We have listed 3 ways that using Fellowes storage boxes can help improve performance as well as security for your office and business.

Secure & Safe Storage

The GDPR has actually made the right storage space of individual information a massive priority for every organisation that manages it. Companies are responsible for keeping information secure, safe and also auditable.

This consists of keeping confidential papers properly saved, far from spying eyes.

Leaving documents on workstations or on shared surfaces in a workplace can have many effects. Yet, this still shows up organisations aren’t always as cautious as they ought to be.

The penalties facing services that experience a data breach can include significant penalties. Not to mention damage to the credibility of the company and also the loss of customer trust.

Fellowes found that 50% of individuals have actually seen confidential or individual data left neglected in the workplace.

Making sure you have a great storage and filing system in your business will help eliminate the chances of any documents being taken away, or viewed by anyone else.

Easy Office Storage by Fellowes

More Space & Saves You Money

Better storage systems will help you free up additional space in the office. We know how expensive this can be. Boosted storage space can maximize a considerable amount of area. Assisting organisations to manage their sources better as well as launching extra office space for other usages.

Simply by making better use of a good Fellowes storage box filing system will certain enable you to save money. In turn, this will give you additional room. This way you won’t need to start looking for bigger premises just yet.

There are other storage systems that will also help you to save space in the workplace. These include heavy-duty Fellowes storage boxes and storage stacking units.

Stacking units can be stacked on top of each other to seven levels high. They have steel frames and are extremely sturdy as they lock both vertically and horizontally.

Fellowes Storage Boxes Allow Super Easy Access

Throughout Europe, more productivity in the workplace is becoming paramount. This includes encouraging staff to work smarter and more efficient.

Fellowes System File Store
Fellowes System File Store

Wasted time trying to find badly filed documents is part of the process.

Since the introduction of GDPR, locating documents and paperwork easily has become more and more important. GDPR allows customers and clients to ask for any personal details that are currently held by the company.

Having the perfect storage system for your companies individual needs can save so much time looking for paperwork and files. If you’re looking for easier access to paperwork we recommend the Fellowes system file stores.

Fellowes system file stores can be used with or without drawers and can store vertically or horizontally. This particular system is ideal for storing a plethora of different file formats. These include lever arch files, magazine files along with A4 files and folders.

A labelling system is a really important factor. However, the whole company needs to agree on before building your storage system. It needs to be clear and consistent throughout. This will stop any errors.

Once the labelling system has been agreed on you can go ahead and start marking up the whole of your Fellowes storage boxes.

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