Looking to work smarter? These days we all seem to work harder than ever, but we don’t necessarily get more done each day.

We’ve found that by trying a few simple tips and methods we can be far more productive to work smarter – and far less stressed – why not give these a go?

Work Smarter
Work Smarter Not Harder

#1 – Work smarter & adopt the 60-30-60 rule

Writing articles? Follow the 60-30-60 rule: 60 minutes of research, 30 minutes of planning and 60 minutes of writing and editing.

This is a guide only, but setting a time limit for jobs can help to focus your mind and be less precious about the job in hand. If possible leave the work for 24 hours and then review it.

#2 – Great expectations

Manage people’s expectations. If you don’t tell someone when they will get their work by, they will wonder about it/ask for updates, which can put the pressure on.

Give them a date for when you will have it done by and enjoy the peace you have given yourself.

#3 – Hide that phone

Hide your phone. Well not for a whole day, but when you have an important task to do, it can help enormously to not have your phone there as a distraction.

If it is in our eye line, we’ll take any slight break in concentration to pick it up and scroll, which can make it harder to switch back to focus mode. Best not to put the temptation there in the first place!

#4 – Indecision maker

Try reducing the number of decisions you need to make on a daily basis; build habits and routines so you don’t have to use up energy making decisions – this is known as automating tasks.

Apparently Mark Zuckerberg wore the same outfit every day for years so he didn’t have to make decisions about what to wear each morning!

#5 – Short cuts to success

A huge time saver is learning a few computer short cuts. There are loads out there from Ctrl S to save a document or hitting F2 to rename a file.

Having a few that you use often can cut downtime spent scrolling and clicking with your mouse. Check out the Computer Shortcut Keys app on Google Play for a handy guide to shortcuts for various programs.


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